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Full Version: Female Trooper
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Here is another version of a Female Stormtrooper. This one is wearing a much more conservative Suit of Armor.
I used an Anime Figurine for the Body, A Lego Stormtrooper Helmet, and Kit Bashed the Utility Belt and Holster. She's a little Tall for a Stormtrooper about 4" But People do come in all shapes and sizes, so she looks OK in a Diorama.
LMK what you think.

I don't know if its the figure's construction or the outline of the armor...but it looks like she's wearing a corsette and getting no midline protection from the armor. Also the thong like back side again, offers no protection (not that stormie armor is that great). It's about the functionality of the armor there as she's fleeing from battle.

Inventive use of the lego helmet. Is the armor supposed to be dirty/field worn? Not the normal imperial glossy white.
I like this line of figures your doing very creative indeed and as I said over on JD reminds of a cartoon style look to her keep up the great work.

steel bonnet
Another very creative piece from you mate.

Looks Great from the front,not sure about the rear shot though.

Still an outstanding piece mate biggrin.gif

Steel Bonnet
i think i agree with paul on this one.....

a couple more points, though:
it looks good, but doesnt look like a stormtrooper.
Sorry to bring up a dead topic, but I really liked this, and would like to comment that i didn't even recognize that was a lego helmet! How did you get that look to it, I love it! I'm a lego fanatic, and I need to weather my Stormies. Also, the thong pic ain't showin up, and I'm prolly missin out on somethin good here. laugh.gif
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