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Full Version: Snowbunny Padme
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I finished my Snowbunny Padme. She is made from a Justice League Wonder Woman. The cape is a combination of parts like Superman's cape and ep1 Ali Gallia's hood.

Good call on the Wonder Woman body. Can we get some comparison to the animated figures?
Yeah, I think it turned out great.
Clone Commander Gree
Great figure, and a nice use of Jango Fetts pistol! biggrin.gif
Thanks guys. This is what I started with a Wonder Woman from Justice League Unleashed. I took off her hair and sculpted out the rest of the head. I cut and repositioned the left arm so she doesn't look so statue like. Then added the 'fur' around the arms and legs. The holster is from a potf2 fleet trooper with the belt from some masking tape. Next made the cape from the white superman and a hood from ep1 Ali Gallia. The cape is completely removeable.

Clone Commander Gree
Oh, not to be a nitpicker but padme has brown eyes. tongue.gif
Whatever... dry.gif
Looks pretty cool - the sculpting and parts choices are well done - looks very much like a Clone Wars figure. Love the expression on her face - she means business!
great job...i do agree with Gree....gotta go with the brown eyes!

QUOTE (Master_phruby @ Feb 26 2006, 02:45 PM)
... I started with a Wonder Woman from Justice League Unleashed.

UNLIMITED!!!! BLASPHEMY!!! tongue.gif

I commented over at JD where the project spawned, but i do like how she turned out.
Great work Phruby!
Damn she turned out fantastic M_p I really like her the detail work is awesome and if you put her on a cartoon back ground you would'nt know the difference well done mate.

I wish i'd have seen this this past weekend, as I saw both of those figures at a store...
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