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Full Version: How to use some of the tags
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I've had several people ask me how to use certain tags, so I figured I'd go ahead and write something up quickly instead of answering the individual questions. This info isn't in the help section yet, but I'll work on that later this weekend.

Note the spaces in the tags are for show only, just so you can see the tag code, when actually using the tags, remove the spaces from within the tags.

How to post links:

[ url= ]Your text here, could include the link again if you like or a phrase to describe the link[ /url ]

An example: My Collection Room

How to post images:

[ img ]A link to the web location of your image[ /img ]

An example:

7/4/04: The tag buttons you see on the top of the posting area are fully functional as well and will make things easier in trying to use some of the tags. try em out. graduated.gif
Cor, checked out your room pics. Lookin' real good. I'll plan on doing the same thing once I get settled. Maybe do a FFURG special on the staff's collections. Are Tim, Dan, and Doug up this?
I'd be up for it. I'll need to steal my parent's digi-cam since it's way better than mine. I'll get a lot clearer pictures and probably a lot better in the room light than my camera is. I can't wait. I think I'll include pictures of my very clean, almost never touched, workshop area in the photos.
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