We've recently gotten some additions to the Customizing Articles Section of the site. So I thought I'd start keeping track of the most recent additions in case someone may have missed them. One day I'll actually get an archive of the main page going so people can look back at previous updates, but until then...

June 3rd: In the Accessories Section
- Sewing Softgood Clothing for 3.75" Customs by Esther Criscuola
- 3.75" Star Wars Action Figures with Soft Goods Clothing by Esther Criscuola

June 5th: In the Packaging Section
- Attaching Bubbles (Method B ) by Dan B.

August 17th: In the 12" Customs Section
- Fixing Loose Articulation by Jeremy Smith

We're always looking for new entries to the Articles base, soif you are interested in submitting a Customizing Article to FFURG, you can do so by e-mailing us at submission@ffurg.com with a subject of "FFURG Article Submission". All articless should include a list of parts and supplies used and follow a general step by step process.

Happy Customizing!