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Full Version: Ooryl Color Help?
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So I'm working on a 12" Ooryl Qrygg. Naturally, painting has been one of the biggest challenges with this character. I seem to have heard that Stackpole describes him as "gray-green" or "greenish-gray" or something. Thing is, almost all (two) of the reference pictures out there for Ooryl are B&W, so they offer no help, and the tiny vignette of him in Union is more aqua-blue -- almost Ibtisam-color -- than green-gray or whatever. So I tried for a true green-gray, but so far it looks more blue-gray, at least under lower lighting conditions. I'm thinking I may apply a lighter gray wash, but...

Anyway, the point is, I wanted to just show you the Ooryl head that I have, and see if it looks all right to all you Rogue Squadron aficionados out there -- of which I know FFURG has quite a few. If you have any suggestions for how to get the color(s) better, I would love to hear them! (Of course, if you say he looks fine as is, I don't mind that either. wink.gif )

Thanks much,
the Findswoman

the color doesn't look too bad, it could be a shade or so greener, but the blue you got works nicely. i'm curious to know if you'll be removing the breathing gear from the head, as Ooryl's species of Gand is described as not needing to breathe. I don't know if it will be helpful or not, but here is a custom Ooryl I did with info about him..

keep us updated on how he's coming along, i'd like to see the final product. smile.gif

happy customizing!
Corran, thanks so much! I referenced your Ooryl a lot while putting this guy together, and the reason I've kept the tubes so far is for the same reason that you did, since it was a very sensible idea: one needs to take in air/gases to speak, whether one respires or not. That's what the mask & two black tubes would be for; they'll plug into Dremel holes in the chest box thing.

As for a helmet, I guess Ooryl doesn't have/need one? do we know?

The funny thing is, I didn't use any blue paint to get him that color: just grays, a bit of green, a bit of black, and a bit of brown. I may give him one more green wash before spraying him, just to see what that does.

Thanks again for the much-needed input, and have a great time in Montreal!

... the Findswoman
Well, I finally found the right color -- I think! See what you think here...

... the Findswoman
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