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Full Version: You Want To Be A Jedi?
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I put this up in the trade section but I don't think many people go there, so I'll try here

I'm well fed up with abject poverty, it's no fun at all. Trying to figure some way of raising dosh I thought my sculpting may be one way. I'm thinking of offering to do a custom headsculpt for folks - of themselves - then they could attach it to whichever figure they wanted to be.

Do you reckon that there would be a market for that kind of thing?

How much do you think folks would be willing to pay? (Bearing in mind that it takes at least three or four days to complete one of these.)

In case you haven't seen these in my previous posts...

Well, nobody seems even slightly interested in commenting on this idea, so I'm just gonna use this space to keep a record of a sample sculpt I'm doing of myself - warts n' all.

Hi Crimsonraptor,

Don't feel ignored! I think your idea is a really neat one. (And your Tarkin's awfully cool, too!) It's just that don't happen to be all THAT many customizers on this particular board who do 12", which is probably why you've not gotten much of a response; it's really pretty rarely that we get new posts in the 12" forum at all, in fact. But your stuff looks very good, top notch

I'm definitely tempted. The only thing is... I'm a woman, with long hair at that, and I don't know if you do anything with rooted hair? I take it you do other custom heads, too?

Keep up the fine work, and see you around soon! smile.gif

... the Findswoman
Ta for the response! I've tried sculpting women, but never with 'real' hair - wouldn't have a clue where to begin with that I'm afraid.

Seven STILL isn't finished - must get round to it!

Will fatten the face up a bit more - but it is tempting to make cosmetic modifications!
I really like your head sculpts. I am curious, though. The bottom left head, the one with white hair, would that be Jon Pertwee by chance? Looks like the Third Doctor.
Yeah, that's supposed to be Pertwee. I'm trying to get hold of a Sideshow Lon Chaney Phantom of the Opera doll to steal his outfit, 'cos I think it's pretty close to the 3rd Doctors look.

Some notes.

I have a tendency to do eyes too small. They look ok when just seen as a sculpt, but I usually find that this is
deceptive when coming to paint the thing. I thought I would try dropping in some white clay to get a better idea
how they'll look, yet still have the option to modify the sculpt.

The reason for the gold sculpey isn't quite so 'clever' - I ran out of green! Also, I hate doing ears, 'cos I always break them, as you can
see in the centre pic!
First coat of paint down, just gotta let it dry out before I go over it again and even things out.

Gotta play around with the baldy look as well. I decided I was flattering myself a bit too much
with the jawline as well, so that's been sanded down a bit.
Okay, here we go - I think he's finished!

Ideally I would like to put this head on a Marmit Stormtrooper or similar, but since I don't
have one I pulled the head off a Stargate figure I wasn't happy with and popped me onto it temporarily.

All I need to do now is add my ear-rings! cool.gif
Looks fantastic, Crimson! You've got quite a talent for sculpting these 1:6 heads, & I always enjoy seeing people's self-portrait customs. I have tons of respect for those who their own sculpting -- it's amazing how many steps one has to go through before it's just right!

Looking forward to seeing more! cool.gif

... the Findswoman
nice one, mate smile.gif

will look cool on a Stormtrooper body (it looks good on the Stragate one as well mind)
On the subject of eyes, i find that if you can find a pack of white bbs, they work for 1/6 scale.
I have been using these for head sculpts for years, and they are great. The trick is to sculpt everything except the eye area. Then you slightly hollow out the socket area, and add the bbs. From there it is a simple matter of building up the eyelids around the bbs.
I used this technique for This custom jedi head(Click image to enlarge), And a side view
And this one
And for this Watto, and Darth Yoda concept
There may be a couple more pics of each of these subjects in that folder, feel free to look around.
This technique has the added bonus of not needing to be painted: You can just paint directly on to the bb and the effect is usually spectacular.
That's a relly cool idea - thanks for the tip!
No problemo.
W33bar, I like what you've done with those white BB eyes... that works really well, and allows the eyes to look much more convincing. Only thing is... two of the picture links you post seem to go to pictures of Jedi starfighters -- which are cool and all, but don't seem to have white BB eyes! smile.gif

... the Findswoman
Hey Bar,

Managed to get some bbs off ebay, and they REALLY make a lot of difference to a sculpt! Nice one!

Here's the first effort - I found that the eyeballs helped me to scale the whole sculpt.

Obviously he will look better with ears and hair, but I'm well chuffed with the eyes - I shall be
using this technique V much in future.
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