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31 Mar 2008
Wow, it's been forever since I posted on these boards. Well, let's get back right.

But he's blue!
Yep. In his back story, he's given a field promotion to captain by his superiors in orbit to lead the tatters of his company back to safety. Fairly simple custom right now - a full repaint of a 7th Legion trooper with the head and helmet of the training fatigue trooper. I'm still adding on, described below.

Blast damage detail:

It's really hard to see (if at all), but I drilled a little divot into his armor where the white spot is in the blast mark.

I'm not done with his head yet, but I wanted the bags-under-the-eyes look:

And some full-body views:

Those markings aren't accurate!
Nope. My original inspiration for the Captain was to have something like a Phase 1.5 trooper (in his back story, the company is extracted just in time to get the Phase 2 upgrades) - the WIP references all the gear that I have yet to add to him. I threw just a few more splashes of color on him so you'd notice the slight differences if I stood him next to a regular lieutenant.

My future plans for the Captain:
-Fully painted head with eye-bags and five-o'clock shadow. The rest of him is painted, and I don't want the plastic-y look.
-Clean up some of the weathering with a wash of white
-Gree-esque gear (shoulder harnesses, holster) plus a Galactic Marine backpack, and some extra equipment greeblies.
-Maybe a different belt, possibly a cast of the Alpha belt minus kama.
-Strap for his deece
-Vietnam-era American-style helmet customization, perhaps. Company/legion markings.
4 Jan 2007
So, I got my Box O' Commandos this morning and spent much of the day getting them repainted into my fanfic RC squad.

Meet Cryo, built of the remnants of two different squads:

And meet its members.

Sergeant RC-1200 "Zero," current leader of Cryo Squad, formerly of Asteroid Squad.

RC-1222 "Deuce," former leader of Bacta Squad and Zero's second-in-command. Specializes in support and serves as the squad's medic.

RC-1220 "Icer," formerly of Bacta Squad, the scout and communications specialist.

RC-1203 "Oath" from Zero's old squad, and Cryo's demo man.

Cryo originally began as a mod for the Republic Commando game, in which I basically took Scorch's skin, made the yellow blue (and a few ohter minor changes) and applied it to the entire squad. Later, I was designing a set of RC armor for my fanfic Jedi who accompanies his RCs on certain missions. His armor copied the colors of his robes, two shades of tan and a grey-blue, and had the Jedi emblem on top of the helmet. I liked the resulting color scheme so much that I changed it around slightly, and it became the new scheme for Cryo.

I mixed and matched parts (although I really only needed to give Scorch the new backpack) and primed, then started with a base coat of silver so that, hopefully, any dings they picked up would go to that layer (RC armor was originally intended to be silvery white in the game; see the cover of Hard Contact.). I then mixed up the tan (which is mostly Tamiya Deck Tan with a little Gold Leaf and Flat Black). The blue is straight Medium Blue, and the undersuit is a mixture of Deck Tan, Hull Red, and some kind of grey. The visors are the silver base with some blue clayboard ink applied (though I'm going to finish Oath's visor off with Tamiya Clear Blue, the clayboard ink was a little messy). The black was VERY stark against the tan and blue, so I gave them "Jedi-style" brown bodysuits.

The squad isn't entirely done yet (still need to be sealed and weathered, Oath needs a metallic visor, and I might give them some other accessories), so I didn't bother messing with my camera's settings for the shoot. Below is a color-corrected image which gives a better idea of how they look:

And for being such good listeners, a bonus!

There's going to be a story behind this dio, but for now, admire the posing (the flying clone is supported by faith alone!).
23 Aug 2006
Not really a custom in that it's not permanent, but it's just an idea for those of you serious folk out there.

I don't know if I've ever shown this guy on the FFURG forums. That's not the point.

In order to get the Veers bucket to fit the head, I had to cut off the top of the helmet at the "seam" and glue down Veers'. Well, this guy took a fall the other day and the Veers bucket popped off. While sitting around idly later, I had a thought...


So, it's got my creative juices flowing. Anakin in customized clonetrooper armor? Transitional 501st? Another unit commander paying homage to the Emperor's new right-hand man? I don't know, but it looks cool.
23 Jul 2006
Hopping on the Legacy bandwagon.

So, the first thing I did after waking up this morning after getting my self a cup of milk was to boil the 013 Vader I bought last night. Popped him off at the waist, trimmed the peg, and stuck the Senate Guard torso on it. Then, I cut his arms off at the shoulder bell, and did the same to the Guard's arms, trimmed to fit, and epoxied it down. That's right, in the pic above, there is no black paint on the arms...those are Vader's arms from the bicep down.

Later today, I gave him a quick and sloppy red paint job. I'm going to be sculpting over the torso anyway, I just wanted to see how it looked thus far as a Knight:

So far, not too bad.

Later, I grabbed a random clear sprue out of my sprue box, selected some of it, cut it out, and sanded it to the size of a lightsaber blade. It looks thicker at the top, but it's really not. I'm going to sand it to a consistent frost when I finish. I also poked around the parts bin and came upon a Tatooine Attack Anakin. Well, I'm not too sure how the Knights look from the back, but the belt and the "flaps" were perfect, so it was cut off and transferred over. This is what I have as of now:

I'd call that a pretty good start. All I need to do now is trim down a Ki-Adi-Mundi robe as a cloak and find some putty so I can get sculpting. I'm also looking at Captain Typho as a gauntlet donor, and there might be a clone trooper or two losing his hands...
15 Jul 2006
Never be finished with your customs!

So, the last time you all saw Terwo, he looked a bit like the guy on the left here:

Many viewers, I don't remember if on here or on Rebelscum, mistook him for a saber-wielding clone.

As of yesterday, this is how he looks:

With kama:


So, Terwo's story is still the same as ever. I just gave him more Jedi-like colors and got rid of his pauldron. Since detachment is a big thing with the Jedi, he can only be so down with the masses wink.gif

Just need to weather him up again and hit him with a good Dullcote. I may also give him a soft goods kama, both to match his commander and so that everyone else doesn't call him Thunder Thighs, and maybe finish off the flaps to his Jedi vest thing. I'm not sure if I like it with or without the flaps.

If you're not familiar with the Terwo custom, he's half a Ki-Adi-Mundi and half a Plo Koon with an Ep1 Obi Naboo head. When I get around to it, the paint jobs on the lightsabers will match (blue hilts).
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