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2 Mar 2010
Hello everyone,

I know it's been a bit since I've hung out here with any frequency -- between finishing up school, travels abroad, and applying for jobs things have been pretty hectic. But there is one big piece of news I thought I would share: I am in the process of crafting my biggest, most intricate custom ever, at 1:1 scale, which should be finished sometime in about four weeks. Here is a work-in-progress photo from a few weeks back, just in case anyone would care to see (it hasn't changed much since then):

The whole process has gone wonderfully smoothly so far: all the parts are in place, and I'm sure the coloring scheme is worked out by now. And yes, real softgoods hair will almost certainly be involved. I think I'll be proud of this one. smile.gif

the Findswoman
7 Dec 2009
Hello everyone,

Behold my new, improved, and MUCH EXPANDED for-sale list! I am LIQUIDATING almost my entire inventory of SW figures and parts for a few reasons:
a. I am going to be shifting my focus mainly to 12-inch figures and dolls, and
b. I have to free up space in my tiny apartment for the gear and accessories associated with a very complex and intricate 1:1 custom that will be finished at the end of March. My magnum opus, if you will. smile.gif

Thus for now I am accepting cash transactions only -- no trades, please, at this time. I will let you know shipping costs based on how much you order and how fast you would like it to arrive. I gladly accept PayPal and money orders.

Note that most of what's on this list is loose, non-mint, incomplete, and best suited for customizers (which is why I posted it here first!), though there are a few carded items. Also, I would prefer to dispose of most of this stuff IN LOTS, if at all possible.

If you are interested in buying any of the following items, or have any questions about this list, please send me a private message on the boards, and hopefully we can set something up.

Thanks, and enjoy!
... the Findswoman

Loose Figures:
10% off if you buy 10-19 at once
15% off if you buy 20-29
20% off if you buy 30 or more

Loose Figures with all body parts ($2 each)
Note: None include accessories unless otherwise noted.
POTF2 4-LOM, eyes repainted metallic green
POTF2 (I think) Bossk
POTF2 Admiral Ackbar with wrist gun
Vintage Admiral Ackbar, a bit dirty
POTF2-era Snowtroopers (4x)
Ep. I Darth Sidious
PENDING Luminara Unduli
PENDING "Monkey" Leia, no skirt, cloak, etc.
POTF2 Greedo, with two guns
Lando Calrissian w/ cloth cape (VOTC, I think)
PENDING Adi Gallia
POTJ Bespin Guard
PENDING ROTS Shaak Ti with cloth skirt
BOTH PENDING POTF2 Ewok Celebration Leia (2x)
Ep. I Qui-Gon Jinn, with lightsaber
Ep. I Obi-Wan Kenobi (clean-shaven), with lightsaber
Ep. I Darth Maul (Jedi Duel), with lightsaber
Darth Maul (Tatooine)
POTF2 Death Star guard (I think), no helmets (2x)
POTF2-era TIE pilot (2x)
PENDING VTAC Speeder Bike Leia
POTF2 Scout Trooper
PENDING Ep. I Padmé Naberrie
Droid Factory ("screaming") Padmé
Jon "Dutch" Vander, no helmet
Saga Yoda w/ lightsaber and spinning stand
POTF2-era Wedge Antilles
Princess Leia Collection Ceremonial Leia, no skirt or cape
PENDING Anastasia cartoon figure
PENDING WOW Action Girls figure w/ short curly hair in green spacesuit
Unidentified teenage boy in yellow shirt and blue shorts, w/ letters "JP"
PENDING G. I. Joe Agent Scarlett (all-white outfit)

Bodies and figures missing parts ($1 each)
Articulated Luke Skywalker in white Tatooine outfit, no head
Mara Jade, no arms or head
Leia Collection Ceremonial Leia, no skirt or cloak, no arms
POTF2-era Speeder Bike Leia, no head
POTF2-era Speeder Bike Leia, shirt repainted brown, no head
Unidentified POTF2-era Rebel pilot, no head
POTJ (I think) Pilot Luke, no heads (3x); 1 has the chest box, 2 don't
Droid Factory Padmé;, no head
Spy Kids Carmen Cortez, no head
Spy Kids Juni Cortez (I think), no head
WOW Action Girl figure in jockey uniform, no head or arms
WOW Action Girl figure in halter top and kneepads, no head, arms included but detached from body
Ep. I Padmé Naberrie, no head or arms, skirt sliced
Jurassic Park III Amanda Kirby, no head or arms, part of one arm peg stuck (2x, both are like that)
Chap Mei buff male explorer in greenish uniform, no head
Chap Mei buff male explorer in blue shorts, orange & brown vest, & green bandanna, no head
G.I. Joe Baroness, blue armor, no head or arms
POTF2 Greedo, no head or arms

Accessory and Part Lots ($5 each)
Available as lots only. Photos available upon request. Mostly TSC-era and before
Guns, lightsabers, and other weapons

Larger Stuff (Furniture, Vehicles, etc.) ($2 each)
C3PO's Ewok throne

Miscellaneous Freebies (free with a regular transaction)
Celebration III (or was it IV?) foam Vader head
Assorted small tins: Episode I (red, with plastic Darth Maul head), Jedi Duel (blue), Darth Vader (red)
Collector’s coin from 30th Anniversary 4-LOM
Collector’s coin from 30th Anniversary Padmé Amidala
Collector's coin from TAC Biggs Darklighter (Pilot)
Several other 30th Anniversary collector's coins -- please inquire
POTJ Force Files: Sabé, General Leia, Bespin Guard, Ellorrs Madak x2, Aurra Sing x2
FlashBack Photos: POTF2 Ceremonial Leia x2
FreezeFrame slides: Zuckuss x4, Ewok Leia x3, Mon Mothma
Frito-Lay puzzle pieces: Yoda (blue), Obi-Wan Kenobi (purple), Mace Windu (purple)
Yoda Pez dispenser
Emperor Palpatine Pez dispenser
3 Apr 2008
Hello everyone!

Today, two days after April Fools' Day and three days after my return from 5 months abroad, I am proud to announce the official launch of a rather goofy, hopefully funny photocomic project that I've had in the works for several months now:

The (Non-)Adventures of Herbert H. Antilles, Imperial Assistant Undersecretary of Transportation (Hyperspace Corridors division)

This series can be easily reached at http://www.findswoman.net/antilles. Currently posted are two short episodes, with hopefully more on the way soon.

Anyway, do enjoy! Despite the rather low-rent materials and production values, I hope this is good for at least a few laffs! smile.gif

... the Findswoman
2 Apr 2008
Hello everyone,

It's been a long time! I returned two days ago from 5+ months in Germany (with one visit back home in December around Christmastime), which explains my seeming disappearance from the face of the earth for several months. But now I'm back and maybe (fingers crossed) even ready to jump back into a bit of customizing! (With any luck, I should have some website updates of some sort fairly soon.)

Here's a rather touristy recent photo from Berlin, for everyone's viewing pleasure:

Great to be back and see you all! smile.gif

... the Findswoman
3 Sep 2007
The McQuarrie Luke has been claimed. Thanks for everyone's interest!

... the Findswoman
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