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steel bonnet



My Content
4 Mar 2006
Here is My Custom Microman done as a Robotech Cyclone Rider & a Painted up Cyclone too.
I think it`s HIGH Time RPBOTECH 4" figures & vehicles were relaunched back onto the market. Moreso as today`s Tecnology can bring about things that Matchbox & others who copied the mold DID NOT DO or COULD NOT DO .

Prime example a Scaled Veritech fighter (VF1 or Alpha VF6),could now be done in scale & no doubt FULLY Transformable too. Hell Matchbox Prototype VF1 (for 3 3/4 figures) was able to turn into Guardian mode back in the early 80s.

Anyway here`s My Updated & Super Articulated (thank`s to Microman) custom CVR 3 Cyclone armoured Rider biggrin.gif

The armour on the Microman is all sculpted & the leg armour is taken from a Scott Bernard Matchbox figure.

Anyway here`s the end result & also an Original Matchbox version too for comparison biggrin.gif

First off a few shots Fully geared up in CVR 3 armour (Cyclone Armour).



Matchbox Scott Bernard & Custom Cyclone Rider

Helmets off

Riding Cyclone Right side

Scott & Cyclone Right side

PAIR Head On

All 3 cyclones

Left side


Top View

So as you can see I`ve given one of my Cyclones some TLC too & painted up to match the Custom Rider.
I`m planning to make cargo boxes for one of the other Cyclones shortly & making a BETTER Scott Bernard figure similar to the Microman Custom I`ve already done.

I`ve NOT added any UNIT insignia to the Cyclone or armour of the custom yet,as I`m debating wether to do him MARS,or RDF. Part of me is waiting to see what the New Robotech Shadow Chronicles movie will have & base Insignia around that biggrin.gif

Anyway Would love to hear your thoughts & input as always biggrin.gif

Steel Bonnet
3 Feb 2006
Hey all,

Well clearing out all my 1/6th stuff that I have left & here`s some I thought would be better served offered to fellow collectors/customizers before ebay biggrin.gif

I`d like to sell this LOT as a ONE piece,so make me an offer if interested.
WHo`s in the LOT:-
Han Solo,Lando,Old Ben,Qui Gon x 2,Furry Chewbacca,Cantina band Member,2 x Tusken Raiders,Storm Trooper,2 PIT droids,R2D2,Elctronic C3P0,Electronic 14" Vader,4LOM,Bossk,Wedge & Biggs X Wing attire,Luke Dagoba.

Also there`s Ep1 Ben head,X wing helmet & chest vest & box,Maul top & 2 Robes.6 jedi Robes,Luke Dagoba outfit,2 Hoth tops & vests,Belts & more clothing.

There`s also as you can see plenty of sabers of different colours. A Sandperson Gaffi stick,musical instrument for the band member,Chewbacca`s bag,Bossk`s rifle,Boba Rifle.






Also I have for SALE 1/6th scale Austin 3:16 Action figure. These guys have the biggest bodies at this scale I believe.
Looking for £10 +shipping for him.Will also throw in 1/6th Undertakers bits (Robe,Syth).


So as said Star Wars is a LOT sale,Please pm with offers & I`ll keep them here till Sunday. If no sale by then I`ll be throwing on ebay.

Hope you can help as i`d like the room for more 1/18th stuff biggrin.gif

Steel Bonnet
29 Nov 2005
Hi all,
Some of you may recall the WIP for this one,for those who are not a couple of quick shots.....



Well for the end result here you go:-

With Customized VOTC Boba Fett & VOTC Stormie

Reporting to Lord Vader

Front view

Side view

Rear view

Drawing weapon

Combat ready

Well there you have it. a SA Biker scout (rumour has it a VOTC one is due next year so that would be great biggrin.gif as I`m a Big fan of the Scout Riders).

The armour is all from the POTF2 Biker scout.I cut off the figure & then dremeled it down to fit the body.
I then added cloth around the lower torso & groin to helm bulk him up & look right.
I also added Cloth boots too with custom made holster for the pistol.
The feet are again off a POTF2 figure altered to fit MM ball joint on feet.

The helmet is actually a 2 part piece,main body is Lego Biker Scout (dremeled to fit bigger head) & the mask part is from an Original Biker scout dremeled to fit on the inside.

Well hope you like him as I have another I`ve almost finished. Sorry no speeder bike just that i`m working on it to look more correct (as in the film).

Look forward to hearing your comments.

Steel Bonnet
29 Nov 2005
Hi all,
Well here you go ......... Darth Maul

Though gone the shirtless way at present, though do plan on a cloth top for him & a using the Maul speederbike cloak for the next photos biggrin.gif

Anyway photo`s first......

Now to show the altered height of Maul (so he`s correct in height) With my Customized VOTC Boba Fett & a VOTC Stormie

Well there you go. Fully Articulated body.
Ingrediants are:-

Head:- Maul v1
Torso,arms,waist & thighs: Microman
Legs:- Darth Maul Speeder Bike
Feet:- Snake Eyes v14 is it?

I wanted a MM Maul but i wanted the right height too (I`m an akward sod i know). So i took the Maul sppeder legs & removed the top of thigh. I then dremeled into it for the MM thigh plug & yes the Upper thigh does swival too. The feet are altered Snake Eyes feet then added a rod to plug fit the lower Maul legs & again they too swival round as well as posable feet.
The head cut to fit MM neck & dremeled head for neck pole.

The Cloth for lower garment is actually black so no idea why it doesn`t look black sad.gif The belt is an actual Maul belt i altered to fit.
Then I used my 3 Sabers i have.

There you have it a SA Maul that is shirtless & as said I dp plan on a cloth garment top for him sometime or maybe do another with all cloth top.

Please let me know what you think biggrin.gif

Steel Bonnet
29 Nov 2005
First of a few posts of customs I`ve just done (the others check SW section today).....

Well here we go guys the finished Spartans & ODST Commando`s.

The Spartan`s i opted for these 2 to have no battle wear on them,I`m saving them for the other 2 Spartans I`ve got coming once 2 more SHS Punishers are secured.

Anyway they say a picture say`s a thousand words,so here goes........


Well the Master Chief Green version is the SWAT SARAH figure & the Grey of course the SHS Punisher.
I was going to do the SHS one WHITE then thought I`d save that for the next 2.

Sorry they are not posed shots with backdrop as I used in WIP. Alas I took these before the school run & now it`s getting dark so wanted to get a couple using natural light,so here you go.

As for the ODST,well as said in WIP there pretty much as they were in WIP apart from painted now.
I`m still looking into a removable boots that cover back & front. So still any suggestion on that please do post or pm.

Anyway people,let me know what you think to these HALO customs biggrin.gif

Steel Bonnet
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