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24 Mar 2011
A little tip/trick I've learned over the years. Buy Silly Putty... Stock up on Silly Putty when you see it. It's cheap and it's incredibly useful as a mask.

Say for instance you want to keep a figure's pants the color they're molded in, but paint his boots? Mask off the pant's line using the Silly Putty... It should stick fairly well, but it will be easily removable. When you're done and the boot is exposed, paint and worry less about your paint lines straying onto the plastic.

Silly Putty... Not just for messing with the morning funny's anymore. Now a customizing bench necessity!

(Works great for making camoflauge patterns with painting as well)
12 Oct 2009
Power Team Elite (PTE) is a military toy line that, while inexpensive, is actually fairly high quality and has a lot of SW uses/applications... if you can find it.

Big Lots is the largest distributor but tend to only stock late Summer for the holiday shopping season, and their stock has varied. Some new items have appeared though, at J.C. Penney and Sears (Canada in particular).

The stock at Big Lots varies by store, and by year. In previous years most stores have had an entire aisle dedicated to the line, but in the past 2 years, that has been cut back. Prices for the items also increased, but only slightly, at Big Lots stores.

They sell:

-Figure 3-packs
-Figure 2-packs with large accessory
-Deluxe Figure pack with large accessory
-Playsets (small, medium, large, and holy poop)
-Vehicles (vary in size)

Almost everything comes with little extras like oil barrels, gas cans, guns, mounted weapons... There's also diorama accessories too.

The playsets are nice, and this year only available at either Sears Canada (a new 3 story building), or J. C. Penney which has older sets (Command HQ which looks like a pizza hut sort of, and a bridge playset).

Big Lots has some items like the watch tower and other things, but they've cut back what they're stocking for the last two years and it widely varies between stores.

Anyhoo, this doesn't really apply to one specific topic, so I figured I'd toss it in here as an idea... I use a LOT of the stuff from these sets. The figures have possibilities as highly articulated base figures, and they come apart easy (screwed together at the back). I generally sell mine, but that's me.

Anyways, I thought I'd put it out there that some of the larger items like the bridge playset (a personal favorite) and HQ are at Penneys this year. Sadly the 3-story house is not, but I got ahold of one from a friend in Canada (which I paid a ton to get, I don't recommend it). It's nice, but not what I paid nice. I did it because I'm impatient. smile.gif

Anyway, get some PTE today. Your local Big Lots will thank you. Personally, as an introductory toy, I recommend the watch tower. VERY high quality. Works well with SW figures for display.
30 Sep 2009
So I'm a big military customizer/modeler guy, and I like that it applies to Star Wars so well...

Something I've enjoyed lately though is camo-netting and it's amazing ability to obscure poop!

That said, finding GOOD netting in a decent scale to Star Wars toys and such, isn't easy. Well lemme tell you an easy and cheap way to find it! Head to your local Big Lots (I love Big Lots!), and first stop by the toy aisle, and see if you see any good Power Team Elite customizing poop laying around.

Then, leave if you don't find anything, and go to the Halloween aisle... Look for "Creepy Cloth". No it's not the clothing the local Megan's Law Offender wears! It's basically just netting in 3 different colors ("white" which is more of a sand color, "Green", which is a nice OD Green, and "Black" which is more of a charcoal than actually black). These make insanely cheap (and you get a lot too) netting to cover your Star Wars armor to help set up an ambush! It's only $4.99 a pack too, so I stock up this time of year.

Makes a great stocking stuffer and such.

Sure, you're saying to yourself, "but Jesse! I don't know what to do with this stuff now that I bought 30 packs of it!", and I say to you, "What were you thinking buying 30 packs!?"

And then I say, you can roll it up and hang it on the side of your AT-ST, or your Clone Fighter Tank, stowed away for their next overnight stop or fixed position to fight. You can unfurl it and make 4 "tent poles" out of Styrene Strip, and have it just cover your armor piece so it's slightly visually protected against air attack! You can even make more tent poles (and bigger ones), and cover your AT-TE... You get that much of it in a pack! Or you can cover your Rebel Trenches with it, obscuring their point of defense from the oncoming juggernaught of steel death!

You could probably make weird underwear out of it too... Don't ask me how.

Enjoy the fun of this $4.99 wonder.
30 Sep 2009
Jedi Defender.com (my collecting home) is hosting a Star Wars Customizing Contest and I wanted the blokes here at FFURG, my customizing home, to have a shot at the prize too incase they hadn't heard.

Jedi Defender Customizing Contest Thread, Rules, & Stuff!

The contest runs till November 1st leaving you guys a month to get your guy, gal, or whatever, into the event.

The rules are simple... You can pick from 1 of the 30 figures that Jedi Defender sent into Hasbro for the Fan's Choice Vote! That leaves a LOT of character choices open. Feel free to check out 30 Fan's Choice Selections at the link provided! Lots of selections, again, and lots of images too, for inspiration.

You already have one of these guys "on the shelf" and done? We'd prefer it was made at least recently... Nothing that's been posted for a year or so. The whole concept is, as we hope, to get people inspired and stuff.

Here's how some of the judging works...

3 Catagories:

Most Production Level (looks most like a Hasbro figure)
Most Creative
Most unique use of non-sw parts to create a SW figure

Then 2 Judges Prizes picked by staff randomly.

That's the general stuff, but please check out the thread at Jedi Defender so you can read the full list of rules, as you'll want to sign up with our host for the event, Ryan Phipps so your entry will be counted!

Basically, it's a chance at free stuff, so why not? Many of you may be working on one of these characters right now!? Right now there's a limited number of entrants, so your chances of a winning figure aren't too shabby either!

Please visit Jedi Defender Customizing Contest Thread, Rules, & Stuff, so you can get involved, read the rules, and enter! Time is running out on this one!
9 Oct 2007
Here's some things I'd like to sell... All older army builders and bits I have leftover from customizing. Lemme know though if it's something you want to get ahold of.

I'd rather sell it in groups... Like if you want all of one type of figure, cool, but not just one of any given group... If that makes sense.

ALL Figures are loose, not complete, and in the case of the ARC Troopers they are missing ALL pieces and were meant for customizing. I can put some blasters with some figures, but not all, and that's the best I can do on accessories.

POTF2 AT-ST Driver x12 $3 each
POTF2 TIE Pilot x9 $3 each
POTF2 AT-AT Commander (Veers) x2 $7 each
POTF2 Scanning Technician (No Box) x4 $7.50 each
POTF2 AT-AT Driver x3 $7 each
POTF2 Tarkin x3 $3 each
POTF2 Snowtrooper x6 $3 each
POTF2 Rebel Lot (Luke, Hoth Trooper Types, Endor Troopers) x9 $3 each
Saga/Clone Wars Clone Lot (Red Captain, ARC Troopers, Pilot) x9 $4 each
Clone Wars 3-Pack Clones (Various poses/colors) x7 $2 each
POTJ Fleet Troopers x3 $5 each
POTF2 Captain Piett x3 $5 each

ROTS Windu x4 $2 each
ROTS Anakin (slashing action) x3 $2 each (saber hands only)
Ki Adi Mundi Saga Repaint x1 $2
Commtech Vader x4 $2 each
POTJ Mechanic Chewbacca x1 $3
Separatist 3-Pack Count Dooku x1 $2

Skirmish In the Senate SENATE POD x4 $6 each

As noted, most are missing accessories, some complete, and I can put some accessories to some figures, but not many. Just let me know if you're interested in anything, and if you're curious on the accessories a figure has, ask and I'll let you know.

PM me here on FFURG, and if you need references I can provide from Rebelscum, FFURG, and especially JediDefender.com where I do the majority of my trading. Thank you for checking out the list, and hopefully I can update with more soon from my carded extras and 12" figures I have for sale as well!
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