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24 Jan 2006
Is the forum clock correct? It seems to be about 15 minutes fast. It is about 5:45 right now but the forum clock says it is about 6:00pm (with the adjustment for mountain time.)
16 May 2005
Now that I'm home for the summer ;D I have access to a camera again, almost all of these were made several weeks to a month ago and I am just now posting them. Instead of giving all of these guys their own thread, I figured I'd start my own thread for my customs, besides all the cool kids are doing it. wink.gif tongue.gif

Sorry, almost all of these are boring clone and Wookiee repaints, I have some reall customs in the works but they aren't done yet.

First up: Commander Gree WIP
I made him awhile ago with a bad refrence shot, i need to fix the helmet's colors and give him his holster, I couldn't find anything good.

Commander Bly
Fairly self explanitory.

One of Commander Bly's troops
This actually a fan-fic idea that is really just an AOTC clone w/ Bly's colors

Dirty Clone Captain
This was just my first attempt at a wash, and I needed a dirty clone so I made this.

Dead Clone
I needed a dead clone that had been killed by a lightsbaer, so here he is.

WIP Wookiees
They still need a few highlights and some accessories

Commander Rhet
Boring red Clone Commander Custom.

Clone Medic
I'm actually embarrassed to call this a custom :-[, it literally took 2 minutes. All it is is some tape and sharpie so I cant still have my tank gunner. He is just a temporary fig until I make a real one, I wanted to give him an ugnaught bag but I didn't have one, so I'll have to find something else.

This is the only real custom out of the bunch, and it is actully 2 years old. :smile.gif Ithis was my third custom ever and it is still my favorite to this day, I thought'd I'd try and improve him a bit by giving him some CHEWIE style drybrushing. I like him a lot better now, though CHEWIE would have done a better job. smile.gif

95% of these guys are in my first photonovel that I started work on yesterday, I got some of the principal photography done and I can get a preview shot or two if anyone is interested.

Comments and critiques (especially critiques, I would like to get better at this whole customizing thing tongue.gif) are more than welcome. smile.gif
27 Apr 2005
Everyone has been posting so much here lately I wanted to join the crowd, I felt like such a tool for never posting anything. wink.gif Unfortunatley it's nothing new, I posted this at that other site about a month and a half ago.

I'm not sure how many of you are Stargate Sg-1 fans but I absolutely love that show. I watch it religiously, I've got all the DVDs and I watch it every week and try to watch it every day on Tv when it's on. I love it just as much as SW, I think SW would win if I had to choose though. There are no SG-1 figures for sale so I decided I'll just customize my own smile.gif And I figured they could use a home so I'm going to build the SGC (Stargate Command) It is the base on Earth in Cheyenne Mountain that is the base of all Stargate operations, it is going to be huge.

This is something I've really wanted to make for awhile now. I'm as big of an SG-1 as I am of Star Wars. The modular design was in part inspired by Muftak's Cloud City and Death Star, and in part by practicality, because of it's sheer size. It is in scale with the 3 3/4" figures. Since they don't make SG-1 figures, I've got to make all of them myself. The Gateroom itself is 40" deep x 27" wide x 29" tall. I have many other rooms palned too. I need to make everything that would be visible from the Gateroom, that means the control room, the briefing room, hallways that lead to them on both sides, and Hammond/Weir/O'Neill's office. And once that is done probably an elevator shaft, the medical room, more hallways for the upper floors, Carter's lab, Daniels office, an Isolation room, Teal'c's room, and a lab with an observation room. And possibly more. I've got the basic prefab in the Gateroom done. It is all ready for plaster and paint then all of the details. I think the biggest challenge for this whole project is going to be building the Stargate itself. Ideally I want it to be able to spin and light up. I have a feeling this is going to take me a long time to complete, but it has been really fun so far. I'll update this thread as I go.

I should also mention that this is my first diorama that I've made. Well you know what they say, Go big or go home. wink.gif tongue.gif

Here are some pictures of the prefab for the Gateroom. Both of the blast doors work. I'm going to make the roof removable and the back wall will be on a hinge so that it will open like a door allowing for easier access to the inside. I threw Madine in ther for a better idea of the actual size. He is chillin' about 6 inches from the back wall.

I can't wait to work on it again, I've only got two weeks of school left then I'm headed home for summer break I can start working on it. I got some advice froom NiubNiub and theWOOK at C3 so hopefully I can make some progress. The gateroom itself will have a removable roof and back wall so I can access the room, both doors work. It is going to be really complicated, I plan on giving it lots of elctronics, hopefully all the lights will actually work and I plan on lighting up the computer screesn and alarms as well. And I need to put a removable light behing the gate to cast so blue light on the room. If it goes as planned this thing should be really cool, I don't want to toot my own horn, but hopefully it'll be one of the coolest out there. I doubt that for some reason though tongue.gif It is alsogoing to have a working elevator (probably not electronic, but it should work. And from what I've seen it'll be one of a kind, I've seen a LEGO version, it was kinda cool. In addtion to the Gateroom I'm going to build several more rooms.

As of right now I plan on making

[*]The Gateroom (Embarcation room as it is formally called)
[*]The Control Room
[*]Hammond/O'Neill/Weir/Bauer's office, possibly with each different furniture arangment
[*]Several Hallways to conect it all (both the circular and straight kind)
[*]An Elevator shaft

And I'll probably make these as well

  • Carter's Lab
  • Daniel's Office
  • The Infirmary
  • Teal'c's room
    [*A "VIP" Room (the prison rooms) or 2
  • A medical Isolation room
  • more hallways
  • An Armory
  • And Another Lab
  • and maybe more If I don't get sick of them wink.gif

So yeah I got a lot of work ahead of me, hopefully you guys will stick around on these boards well after ROTS so I can share these, I don't plan on leave here until I'm the last one left smile.gif Oh and on top of that I have to make quite a few figures to stick in this whole thing. So I've got to do that too. Eventually I hope to turn out an SG-1 photonovel as well, maybe using SG-1 but I'll probably use a different SG team so I can explore them a bit more. Meaning I'll have to make a second gate as well to stick in some offworld dioramas. smile.gif I'm never going to finish this wink.gif :smile.gif

I'll update here when I make some progress, next up is to support the walls (boring) and the attach the back wall with a hinge and the top with a clamp or something similar, then texturise the room. Once it is textured I can paint and add the plexiglass windows and fix them up.
17 Apr 2005
I haven't posted anything new in a while and I felt like I should wink.gif I started on some SG-1 customs awhile back but haven't been able to work on them in long time. I don't have my customizing stuff up here at school so I figured I'd make some cards for them. This is my first attempt with photoshop actually it is Dell's version Paintshop Pro (my computer came with a 60 day trial.) I've got a whole bunch more but I'll only post this one for now.

Comments and critiques are welcome! smile.gif

31 Mar 2005
I just updated with new shots of my collection today, sometime in the next few weeks I'll add shots of my SGC dio and keep thumbnailing my pics. The link is in my sig.

I was apparently too lazy to type that second "o" in the description too......... wink.gif rolleyes.gif
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