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8 Aug 2010
Guys, can anyone shed any light on this particular cardback.
I picked up some scans in trade a while ago and in them was this 20D Canadian Cardback.
The only thing is that I can't find any reference to this particular variant,it has some small differences in the Kenner Logo area and the "Kenner Products(Canada) Ltd" is in the boarder rather than under the Kenner Logo.
On the back it displays the Kenner Boba Fett Rocket Firing images as apose to the Canadian image.

It Might be a Kenner/Canadian crossover, but just wondered if anyone could enlighten me about it.



8 Aug 2010
Well Guys, have been doing very little in the card area for a while so thought I would motivate myself with the iminant arrival of the new Hasbro Rocket firing Boba Fett.
Here are 2 variations for you , one with the traditional prototype images(just cos Ilike them) and one with the new Hasbro version.

Hope you like them, as always ,any comments welcomed.

Traditional Fett:

Hasbro Fett:
10 Nov 2009
Well after sorting out the 12 backs I started to research what other Clipper cardbacks there where.

All the ESB/ROTJ cardbacks just seem to be tweeked Palitoy cardbacks with additional stickers, but what I couldn't understand was the lack of info on 21 Backs.
A few questions later (thanks Cobra) and it appears to be that they didn't produce anything ,so I decided to see what I could do, following the same lines as the 12 backs.

This is my first attempt and would like peoples opinion on the overall look of the cardback.

Any comments welcomed

22 Aug 2009
Well I would like to present a project that has taken me on one heck of a rollercoaster ride of nostalgic highs biggrin.gif and deep dark lows down.gif .

First thing you need to do is go get a cuppa ,cos this is a long read thumbup.gif

Its been a joy and also more frustraiting than sitting on a nail when youve got piles huh.gif ,but I must say I wouldn't have had it any other way.

The project started nearly two years ago, after getting to grips with basics of recarding I began to feel a little disapointed at the selection of generic bubbles that where available so slowly but surely a plan started to emerge.

Why wouldn't it be possible,

The methods of production where there,

The originals where kind of available.

YES LETS DO IT !!!!!!! blowupff.gif


Well I wanted to recard all my vintage figures on cards with the correct factory release bubbles
Now we all know that if you where to purchase a full collection of factory sealed MOC figures that you would be seriously out of poocket(which I couldn't afford), so I started to pick up originals bubbles where I could.

Now nearly 2 years later I am finnaly getting close to the end of the tunnel.

I have worked with a few people over this period and although things didn't work out for one reason or another , I have to say thanks to them for their efforts that helped things along the way.

The molds went through a stage of fatal production errors and took nearly 4 months to find the right type of material to make them out of

Then Last year I picked up a Vac Forming machine at a real bargain price and started to work with it only to find that it couldn't do what I needed it to do.
This resulted in a serious setback. I'd spent some serious money and couldn't even do what I wanted it to do poo.gif
As a result my motivation hit a major low.

But then by chance I came across another gem of a Vac Forming machine and managed to get it at a real snip.

It is a Clarke CR725FLB,an older model but a real beauty.

Now 6 months on,I've completed most of the molds,got the right plastic and am confident with my abilities.

Finnally I would like to show you the results of 2 years work, an almost complete set of ANH,ESB,ROTJ,and POTF bubble molds.
The photo doesn't show any insert trays,but I have them all including a wicket insert that I've never seen on a Factory seal card.
I am also working on a few more that are nearly complete but this is the bulk of them.
Included in the photo are Palitoy Twin dogleg bubbles and a half height TriLogo Bubble
The only 3 that are still causing issues are Liea Endor,Lando Skiff Disguise,and Boushh because of the helmet sections above the main bubble.

After all the effort,time and I put into this project all that remains is to share with you all the benifits so,

If anyone needs some (small quantaties to start with) please feel free to PM me.

22 Aug 2009
Well thought I'd throw another topic up as this project has kinda been a Backburner affair running along other projects I have been working on.

Now I know the subject matter has been covered most excellently by Fettsplace and a few other members but I thought I'd like a full run of carded figures and haven't really presented many of them on the Forum..

All the blisters have been reproduced from the Original Factory bubbles,have the relevent insert trays ,so the figures fit nice and snug.

On a couple I will probably go back and remake them as they aren't quite right.

As I go along I'll add updates but for now enjoy.

Produced POTF Cardbacks

Unproduced POTF Cardbacks

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