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18 Feb 2012
In a more civilised age, "before the dark times, before The Empire", young Togruta women would present themselves as debutantes to show their coming of age. One such one young woman was Kuraska Taasys, the niece of the governor of Shili. In her finest clothes, Kuraska greets potential suitors in the customary Togrutan fashion of not wearing shoes, so as to maintain her spiritual connection to the land.


* Liv Doll Alexis
* some modelling clay
* some wire
* some material
* some paint (Citadel "Skull White", "Red Gore", "Space Wolves Grey", "Ultramarines Blue", "Mithril Silver")

While I think that the heads on the Liv Doll range aren't really suitable for use for "normal" 12" figures given their slightly oversized nature, they work perfectly here for a more alien look, particularly with the expression found in the eyes. Although I am happy with how the lekku and montrals came out for the most part, the ridge on the forehead between where the regular head ends and the clay begins is a little too pronounced. It doesn't detract overly from the look of the character, but it could probably be better. I was originally aiming for a 19th century almost steampunk look to the costume, but somewhere along the way ventured off course in exposing a little bit of skin but still maintaining some class.

27 Feb 2011
For something a little different, I thought that I would try doing a custom figure from outside of the SW universe who could probably fit into it without any trouble - Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly and Serenity. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to see him sitting in a cantina on Tatooine looking for work that puts him at odds with the Empire.


* Mal from the Dark Horse Serenity PVC set (for the head)
* TAC Jango Fett (for the chest and arms and part of the pistol)
* TLC Cloud City Wing Guard (for the waist and legs)
* Hasbro ROTLA Indiana Jones (for the belt - made from the strap of his satchel - and part of the pistol)
* some modelling clay
* some material
* some paint (Citadel "Kommando Khaki", "Red Gore", "Elf Flesh", "Skull White", "Chaos Black", "Scorched Brown", "Brown Ink", "Boltgun Metal")

I'm really happy with how this guy came out, although the Browncoat itself could probably be a little bit better. I'm not quite sure how I could improve on it at my current skill level though.

And just for fun:

"I aim to misbehave"

19 Jan 2011
I'm very new to customising, having only started in October, 2010, so would be very appreciative of receiving comments, suggestions and general feedback. I hope that I am getting better, but I think that I've got a long way to go to be in the same ballpark (or even sport) as some other customisers around here and "teh interwebs" in general.

The links below will take you to pages on mousedroid.com where you will find additional photos and the recipes for each figure. Apologies in advance for how bad both some of the customs and the pictures of said customs are.

Diva Shaliqua, singer in Jabba's private pod race box

Jynne Celwick, Outlander Club waitress
Hayde Gofai, Outlander Club patron
Nyrat Agira, Outlander Club patron

Duke Teta, Coruscant Opera House guest
Koyi Mateil, Coruscant Opera House guest

'Squid Lake' Ballerina, Mon Calamari dancer

Shi'ido, shapeshifting aide to Senator Po Nudo

Delva Racine, Coruscant Opera House patron

Z-X3, security officer on Droid World

Wald, Rodian slave from Tatooine

Tendau Bendon, Ithorian Senator of Ottega sector

Lolo Purs, aide to Senator Onaconda Farr

BD-3000 'Bettybot', luxury droid

Veedaaz Awmetth, Senator for the Vensensor sector
Bana Breemu, Senator of the Humbarine sector

'Lucky Lekku', Twi'lek pin-up

Thanks for looking!
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