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21 Aug 2010
I believe the font for the assortment numbers in the upper right corner of the cards is Franklin Gothic.

But in the later POTF/DROIDS cars, the number "1" has a strange, very long seriff. I can't for the life of me figure out what font it is. Any ideas?
31 Jul 2010
EDIT - I finished the first 12 backs - and a couple 21 backs as well. Here's the lastest set. (thanks to Beggar's Canyon for the perfect blisters!)
While not my first attempt at doing reproduction cards (I've done Mego figure cards in the past), I've spent the last month or so working on my template to reproduce SW cards. I have the first 12 done, a handful of 20 backs, and a few Empire and POTF completed as well. Right now my focus is getting the 12 backs as close to perfect as possible.

I know there are a lot of card makers out there, so I really wanted to work hard to make my attempt worthy. I'm still waiting on blisters to arrive before I start carding them, but the ones I have done I'm really shooting for accuracy in all aspects to the best of "home made" ability. Lots and lots of paper and toner have been wasted to make these as accurate as possible. Lots of glues purchased to get the blisters to look right, and using the correct style of tape to hold the weapons in the blisters.

These are actual, un-retouched lightbox images. Couple things about the work.

1) All the art assets are mine. Unless something was publicly available or willfully donated, I created all the assets myself. I have an original carded figure collection which has provided me most of the artwork you see here. Many helpful people on the forum donated information, but I didn't want anyone to think I'd ripped anything off. 99% of what you see is mine.

2) Card thickness, natural backers, real hole punches - no Photoshop trickery is used. These are 100% exact to original cards and use the natural cardboard backers -- no white boards here. Lots of $$ and wasted paper to get the right thickness boards! cry.gif

3) I've discovered a wide variety of hole punches across all the lines of cards so I went with the clean punch used for most of the SW and Empire line. Location was measured exactly off an original card.

4) Many, many sleepless nights searching for the right fonts and spacing used on the cards. Every piece of text has been laid out on the computer; no text you're seeing is a scan of original text. I've erased every piece of text off original cards so that clean text can be laid over the top of the image.

5) I really wanted accurate colors here - I've seen good cards that get this wrong. Blue is hard for printers for some reason, so I'm really proud at how close the Kenner, LP and POP colors are to the vintage card. I struggled on how to deal with cards that have faded. I decided to go with a clean, new look hence the more richer blacks and darker backers. I could easily "age" them, but I wanted the case-fresh look.

6) Lots of emphasis on the backs. I put as much work into the card backs as the fronts. Again, many repro makers are using generic backs that have been on the net for a long time. I've scanned my own cards, touched up the art, laid out every piece of text, then adjusted the colors for print. I have not seen any cards (certainly not for sale) that have backs as accurate.

So there you go. I'd love feedback/critiques to get them even closer!

Luke Farmboy Front

Vinyl Cape Jawa Front

Original Death Squad Commander vs. DSC Backer Card

Thickness Comparison:


Comparing the Backs

Kenner Logo Color close-ups

POP logo color close-ups

21 Back repro (it's crooked, I know blushing.gif )

26 Jul 2010
I'm looking for a listing of the correct numbers that are printed on POTF cards, behind the figures. In particular I'm curious about Han Solo in Carbonite.

Is there a resource for all those numbers? They are very small and hard to read on the vault (when there).


21 Jul 2010
I see the posts on the correct fonts for many other SW card portions, but nothing that lists the correct "rounded" font for "Power Of the Force"

Anyone know?

12 Jul 2010
I'm new to the FFURG forums, as I've recently gotten back into SW collecting.

I've made Mego Cards in the past, and wanted to try my hand at creating SW cards as well (not for sale- the Mego Cards I've made are all from assets from my own collection)

Anyway, I'm playing around making SW cards and trying to access the vault to see what's out there.

For some reason, however, my Forum Login doesn't work in the Vault. Is there a setting or milestone I need to hit to access?

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