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8 Jul 2012
Hi All,

It's been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time since I posted anything new - I don't customize much anymore due to that pesky life thing getting in the way. In fact recently, my entire collection was boxed up as I moved to my fiancee's home and we're strapped for space. The next home though, oh yes the collection shall be unleashed.

Prior to moving though, I finally completed a long-standing project of mine - a diorama for the Emperor's Arrival. As you will see in the pics below it's nothing overly elaborate - just two flat pieces of foamcore with cover sheets over them. The floor is made using gloss black wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby, while the wall is made of a composite of images from Niubniub's repository of designs from when he made this same diorama (of course his is way better than mine). It was the building of the composite image that gave me grief as I needed to determine how to fit the pieces together like a puzzle and then get it to the proper dimensions. There was also the matter of printing it, but thanks to Ash that worked out easy enough.smile.gif

Anyways enjoy the pics...

The scene comes together...

Your work here is finished my friend...

Happy Customizing!
19 Jun 2012
Hi All,

At this year's Motor City Comic-Con, I had the opportunity to interview Star Wars artist Matt Busch for my buddy's website. Matt's a talented artist and a really cool guy. I thought I'd share the interview with everyone, so if you're curious as to how Matt got his start illustrating our favorite franchise, check out our conversation at JohngysBeat.com.

31 Mar 2011
Hi All,

I'm back with another round of customs as I'm finding opportunities to make more figures...

Luke Skywalker (Hero) - Publicity Photo

Head: ROTS Early Bird Luke
Torso: POTJ Bespin Han
Arms: VTSC Endor Han
Legs: 30AC Yavin Ceremony Luke

This custom is based off of a Publicity Photo used prior to the 1977 release of Star Wars. Actually the custom is based off a different picture of the same outfit where Luke is holding Leia's sporting blaster but I can't find it now on the internets. I first came across the picture about 3 years ago and I knew that I wanted to make the figure using the body and legs of the 30AC Yavin Luke with the arms of the 30AC Jedi Luke. Well when I finally got an extra Yavin Luke and took off the jacket I realized the shirt underneath didn't match. I dug through my parts and found the POTJ Bespin Han torso did the trick but now the arms I wanted to use were way too big! So after trying several different sets of arms, I finally hit pay dirt with the Endor Han arms. Then it was a matter of the head, there really isn't one to match the hairstyle in the photo so I went with the Early Bird Kit Luke which has a youthful look to it. I'm glad to have finally been able to make this figure, it was a long time coming and it's one of my favorites.

Leia Organa (Rebel Pilot)

Head: VTAC Endor Leia
Body: TLC Shira Brie

This one is loosely based on Leia depicted as a Rebel pilot in several issues of the Marvel comics. I say loosely based because in the issues which all take place after ESB, Leia is wearing a combo Snowspeeder and X-Wing pilot outfit. I was looking for a quick custom to make with the body so I went with what we see above. It will be good filler for my eventual hangar bay diorama.

Shira Brie (Imperial Officer)

Head: TLC Shira Brie
Body: 30AC Deena Shan

A simple one here showing Shira Brie from the Marvel comics as an Imperial officer. She was drafted by Lord Vader to infiltrate the Rebels and get after Luke but at some point she likely wore the uniform of the Empire so I threw this one together to add to my Marvel army.

Rebel General

Head: POTJ BoShek
Body: OTC General Madine

Another simple headswap, loosely based on the Rebel General seen over the right shoulder of Madine in this still shot from ROTJ. I don't know the chap's name but he's another filler figure for a future diorama.

And finally, a lot of folks have been mentioning the lack of weathering on the new TVC Dagobah Landing Luke. Now it definitely sucks that Hasbro didn't go the distance on the paint app, so I had to do it for them...

This is just a simple black/brown wash. I'm sure there are folks who can do a better job than I, but here's a basic idea of how it would look if Hasbro or you did it. The picture doesn't do it justice but the weathering is deep in person. Worth giving it a shot to those who don't want a day-glo orange Luke.

So that's all for now. I do have another 10 or so customs in the queue and hopefully I'll continue to find time to get them completed and share them with the FFURG. As always, comments, suggestions, and critiques are welcomed. Thanks for looking.

Happy Customizing!
23 Feb 2011
Hi All,

Took some time recently to put together a couple of customs I had in the back of my mind for a while, again ideas that are around 3+ years old...

Mara Jade - Emperor's Hand

Full Figure & Saber Hilt - 30AC HTTE Comic Pack Mara Jade
Saber Blade - 30AC Mace Windu
Cape - Unknown

So for the most part this is a simple repaint of the 30AC Mara Jade figure as I tried to match the look of the Shannon Baska image (Click Here). I originally was trying to pair the figure with the VOTC Luke arms thinking the smallish size of the arms might work, turns out it didn't so I stuck with the original arms. The cape is an interesting story as I found it at a vintage toy shop years back thinking it was from POTF Lando, of course it isn't but I have no idea where it's from. However it works perfect for this custom. I repainted the hair to give it a more darker red look - the pics do make it look more brown than red though. I had to repaint the eyes on this one as they had the looking up syndrome many Hasbro figs have had as of late. I removed the atrociously huge holster and swapped blades on the lightsaber to give it a deeper look. After taking the pics, I found I missed a couple of spots on the feet with regards to the paintjob so that's going to have to be fixed.

Dagobah Training Luke Skywalker - Super Articulated

Head, Torso, Pelvis - OTC Dagobah Luke
Arms - VOTC Tatooine Luke
Legs, Belts, Weapons - VTAC Bespin Luke

For the longest time I've wanted to put together this figure, I had all the parts but fell far behind in accomplishing my goal. But finally, this guy is off the checklist! The starting point on this one was the legs, pulling them off the source figure was such a pain as the peg mushroom is huge! This required me to crack the source figure pelvis completely apart and then cut up the peg to get it into the new pelvis. As such there is a bit of a gap between parts but it does move nicely. The legs and pelvis were repainted to properly match color. The arms were a different story as their pegs were far too small for the torso, so I had to fill in the arm holes there with sculpey. After sufficient curing, the arms fit fine and allow for a nice range of motion. The belt is removable as I put a cut at the thigh strap and it can then slide down the legs. The entire figure was given a paint wash to give the appearance of the mud and grime of Dagobah.

Corran Horn - Battle of Ithor

Body - TVC Endor Capture Luke
Head - TLC Corran Horn
Left Hand - 30AC Comic Pack Luke
Lightsaber - Random hilt and Mara Jade blade

So this custom came up by random chance as I was looking up source images for a future custom and came across This One From Wikipedia. That's the Japanese cover for the NJO paperback Ruin from one of my fave authors Michael Stackpole. The cover depicts Corran Horn at the Battle of Ithor and combines two of my favorite things about Star Wars, Corran Horn and the Jedi Luke outfit! Once I saw this pic I had to make the custom and it's a simple job - repainted the hair on the Corran head, repainted the right hand and put in a new left hand and painted that up to match the fingerless gloves. The lightsaber blade is a nice mix of the silver normal length blade and the purple super-size blade that Corran uses. I'm really enjoying this custom, unfortunately it will only be a temporary custom as I'm going to need the head elsewhere.

And finally a bonus, after getting the TVC Endor Capture Jedi Luke variant card I had a little fun and snapped the pic below. The custom vintage figure is one I made years ago - POTF Endor Poncho Luke w/ ROTJ Jedi Luke head and repro weapons - and the TVC cardback was perfect for a quick display.

So that was a lot of work done recently on my part, now back to the cave this hermit goes. Any comments, suggestions, critiques are always welcomed.

Happy Customizing!
29 Jan 2011
So I was going through my fodder today, trying to organize it a bit when I came across a couple of unfinished customs. It took me a bit to figure out when I started these figures and it hit me that it was likely Spring 2008. Feeling spunky I went ahead and finished them off this evening...

The customs themselves are nothing special, simple repaints as you can see. The black-clad Imperial is simply a repaint of the TSC Moff Jerjerrod, while the ISB officer has a bit of a twist to it. It's a SAGA Admiral Ozzel body with a TLC Imperial Scanning Crew head. The twist though is that the body was used on an old Grand Moff Tarkin custom. Since I had hollowed out the neck, I needed to put the neck post back. I surprisingly still had it and an easy glue job either took care of it.

A nice way to flesh out the Imperial command a bit more and maybe, just maybe get me back into customizing a bit more.

Happy Customizing!
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