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29 Dec 2009
I've been thinking about this project for a couple of years now. Last week, I said "The Hell With It" and decided to start in earnest. Now, understand that I've been trading sleep for smashing together this basic structure. I have no idea what possesses me to make this stuff, but I know that I'm pretty excited. As usual, I looked more to the conceptual art than the final design for inspiration, which allows me wiggle room, creative license, and plenty of opportunities to cheat and cut corners. But it also allows me to explore some nifty ideas in terms of design. Anyway, McQuarrie and Johnston's concepts are the starting point:

And my design sketch (notice the boxier features, which are easier to create in styrene):

After many late nights, I managed to assemble the basic profile and structure:

Because it's stupidly huge, I opted to make portions of it removable (otherwise I'd risk being murdered by my wife):

It measures in at 25" tall, and 30" long. I have no idea what sort of pace this project will progress at...getting this much done was no small feat, and I may need to break from it. Any ideas, crtis, and feedback are welcome.
1 Dec 2009
My wife and I have an amazing new baby boy. He's healthy, knows how to scream and smile (the latter making the former much easier to cope with), and has totally transformed us.

Well…not totally.

I've been picking away at this project for the past two and a half months, usually in twenty to forty minute intervals once or twice a week. Then, my lady and her sister took little man on a tour, which gave me the better part of a day (after some housework) to really go nuts and finish it up. I haven't come up with a snappy name, but it's armoured, it's Imperial, and it's for battle, and it's a speeder. I initially thought Imperial Battle Speeder, but the acronym would be IBS, and that may make some people think of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I'm still working on it.


I really had no set plan or sketches…in fact, I ended up combining two failed concepts into one, literally gluing one abandoned scratchbuild to another, working out the kinks, and playing around with it until it looked like something decent.

Top View:

Everything is scratchbuilt except the usual plumber fittings for the engines. I wanted something that was both streamlined and boxy, evoking the landspeeder while also being vaguely reminiscent of an AT-AT…and I wanted it to be small, because I knew I didn't really have the luxury of time to really fill out a larger scale vehicle with adequate detailing.

I imagine this machine being used for short range 'urban pacification', deployed from a garrison in the middle of a city to crush opposition…almost like a compact car version of a larger troop transport.

The c0ckpit is where I really dropped the ball. I just didn't have it in me to really go all out like I have in the past. It's too bad, because I really liked the basic layout and design…it actually feels more like an old Kenner toy than my previous projects. But really, if I had another few hours back, I'd probably greeblify the hell out of the panels.

The blaster cannon is what I'm really proud of. It swivels 360 degrees, and has an up and down joint, so that it is as poseable as a real turret mounted machine gun. It was made from the usual styrene rod, tube, and card.

[size="3"]The bottom got some half-hearted detailing…not nearly as much as the Saber Dart, again because of the amount of time (the detailing on the Saber Dart took as long as this whole project from beginning to end). I wanted to make this thing look like it was hovering, so I created a couple of small platforms, and tried my best to position them so that they wouldn't be visible from as many angles. I think the effect works pretty well.

With the Saber Dart:


Let me know what you think, and thanks for looking.
5 Jun 2009
Saber-Dart Starfighter

Conceptual Design Sketches:

Very much derivative of the Y-Wing, Snowspeeder, and one of Warren Fu's unused Jedi Starfighter concepts, I came up with this very simple design profile. The name is of course stolen from Episode II, and I think it fits the design pretty well.

Basic construction:

C0ckpit Details:

Puttied and sanded basic form (before detailing)

Landing skids and bottom hull greeblie-cation:

Pontoon/auxillary engine/laser cannon detailing:

"Sandwich" filler detailing (back of wing):

Astromech Port (classic SW feature):

Detailed and primed:

Spray painted sections and detailing (before weathering):

With the exception of the main engine exhaust behind the fuselage (plumbing parts) everything else is scratch-built...this took a VERY long time to build and detail.

Finished product:

The paint job was done with a basic spray of river rock and burgundy. I took an emery board to the burgundy striping to wear away some of the paint, and did a heavy black/brown wash, which was then wiped away. I added a few knicks here and there, did some spot weathering, and then drybrushed the whole ship with white.

The paint scheme was a tough thing to decide on...I wanted to keep it pretty simple, but I think I could have upped the ante a bit more. As it is, I think the markings are appropriately Star Wars-ish.

The bottom of the ship was given special attention...I usually ignore detailing the bottom, and wanted to reverse that trend of laziness in my work. The idea was to make a ship that could function as a toy, but also have adequate detailing to seem like a production model (I'm not quite there...but I think I'm getting closer).

Interior C0ckpit:

Janson seems pretty happy with his ride:

With Artoo in place:

Let me know what you think, and thanks for looking.

31 Mar 2009
This here was a project that I completed last fall, and have recently revisted to spruce up some of the paint and details. The design is very much based on McQuarrie's design for the Rebel Snowspeeder from one of his production paintings.

It's mainly constructed from styrene (rod, sheet, and tubing), with some plumbing parts used for the heavy laser cannons and a few greeblies here and there.

Cockpit WIP:

Completed exterior:

Cockpit interior:

With Wedge at the controls:

Let me know what you think, and thanks for looking.
31 Mar 2009
Are there any ships in the expanded universe that are designed to carry Stormtroopers? I'm thinking of something akin to the Republic Gunship, but from the timeline of the original trilogy. I may design something myself, but I'd like to see if there are any pre-existing designs first. Any images/info would be appreciated, as I am looking to start a scratchbuild.

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