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6 Oct 2009
Trying to make some extra room in my display case.

Can anyone tell me which tool I need to cut Pro Tech stands neatly? The stands I am referring to are the round, clear ones that are used for Vintage SW figures.

3 Jul 2008
Just completed a trade with d j s. Fast shipping & fair trade.
6 Jun 2008
Here are the items I have for sale/trade with my Want List below. All figures are loose, in mint condition (unless noted), and complete with weapons. Stands/coins/droid pieces are not included.

Count Dooku (ROTS)
Quinlan Voss (TAC Republic Comic Pack)
Emperor Palpatine (Order 66 – Series 1)

General Grievous (Target Cup Set)
Sith Lord (TFU Evolutions Set)
Darth Bane (Sith Evolutions)
Darth Nihilus (Sith Evolutions)

Darth Maul (Saga Legends)
Maris Brood (TAC)
Darth Vader Hologram (TAC)
Darth Vader Emperor’s Wraith (POTJ)
Darth Vader Dagobah (POTJ)

Qui Gon Jinn (Evolutions)
Mace Windu (TAC)
Obi Won Kenobi (TAC)
Kit Fisto (ROTS)
Ki Adi Mundi (ROTS)
Plo Koon (ROTS)
Anakin Skywalker (Tattoos) (TAC)
Luminara Unduli (MOC) (ROTS)
Qui-Gon (Mos Espa Disguise) (POTJ)
Anakin Skywalker (POTF2)
Ben Kenobi (POTJ) – Jedi Knight
Cade Skywalker (Comic Pack)
Anakin Spirit (TAC)
Obi Won Spirit (Dagobah Battle Pack)


Ganner Krieg (Imperial Knight Comic Pack)

Antares Draco (Imperial Knight Comic Pack)

Padme (ROTS)
General Dondonna (Saga)
Ishi Tib (POTF2)
Mon Calmari Officer (POTJ)
Admiral Ackbar (POTF2)
General Riekan (Saga)
General McQuarrie (TAC)
Major Bren Derlin (Saga)

Rebel Trooper (Tantive IV Defender) x2
Rebel Endor Soldier (Saga) – Black Skin
Endor Rebel Soldier (POTF2)
Orrimaarko (Prune Face) (POTF2)
Han Solo (Endor Target UBP)
Chewbacca (ROTS)
Chewbacca w/C-3PO (Saga)
Nien Numb (POTF2)
Han Solo (POTF2)
Han Solo (Bespin) (POTF2)
Bespin Luke (POTF2)
Princess Leia (POTF2)
Obi Wan (POTF2)
Bespin Luke (OTC)
Leia Bespin (OTC)
Han Solo (TAC) - Torture Rack
Chewbacca (Hoth Patrol BP)

Wedge Antilles (OTC)
Jek Porkins (POTJ)
Luke Skywalker Pilot (VOTC)
Biggs Darklighter (TAC) – Rebel Pilot
Dutch Vander (Saga)
Ten Numb (TAC Evolutions Rebel Pilots Series I)
Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot) (POTJ)
Zev Senesca (One that came with Snowspeeder)
Tycho Celchu (TAC)

Romba & Graak (TAC) pending
Chief Chripa (SAGA)

R4 AA2 (Entertainment Earth Set)
R3 T2 (Entertainment Earth Set)
R4 G9 (SAGA)
R-3PO (Droid Factory)

501st Clone Trooper (Heroes & Villians)
Commander Cody (SL)
4x Grey Coruscant Clone Troopers (Attack on Coruscant BP) – drilled holes on bottom of feet
Clone Commander Coruscant (Attack on Coruscant BP Target Excl.)
2x 442nd Siege Battalion Clone Trooper (SL)
Commander Bacara (Heroes & Villians)
Clone Shadow Pilot – Black (ROTS)
Clone Commander – Red (ROTS)
AT-RT Driver – Green (ROTS)
ARC -170 Elite Squad Clone Pilot (Target BP)

Jabba’s Palace/Skiff
Hermi Odle (TAC)
Gamorrean Guard (POTF2)
Gamorrean Guard (OTC)
Luke Skywalker (Hologram) (OTC) – small white mark on head
Leia Boushh (TSC)
Chewbacca (Captured-TSC)
Oola (POTF2)
Lando Skiff (OTC)
Lando Skiff (Sarlaac BP)
Han Solo Carbonite (TSC)
Han Solo Carbonite (Sarlaac BP)
Yak Face (POTF2)
Malaki (Rancor Keeper – POTF2)
CZ-4 (TAC) - pending
EV 9D9 (POTF2)
Jabba Dancers (POTF2 Cinema Scene)
Jabba Band (Both Packs)
Ak Rev (Legacy – missing one drumstick)
Umpass Stay (TAC)
Barada (TSC)
Barada (Saga BP Pit of Carkoon)
Pote Snitkin (POTF2)
Leia Bikini (Target Cup Set)
Sail Barge Cannon (Saga BP Pit of Carkoon)
Tanus Spijek (Saga) - pending

Bounty Hunters
Boba Fett (AOTC – Pit of Carkoon)
Boba Fett (AOTC – Kamino Escape child)

Holographic Emperor (ROTS –TRU Exclusive) – Mint on Card

Holographic Yoda (ROTS –TRU Exclusive) – Mint on Card
Leia Organa (Target Cup Set) – figure only
Darth Maul (Target Cup Set) – figure only
Obi Wan (Target Cup Set) – figure only
Darth Vader (Taintive IV BP)

Orn Free Ta (Saga)
Senator Jar Jar Binks 2x (one MOC) (Saga)
Anakin Skywalker (Outland Peasant) (Saga)
Obi Wan (Jedi Star Fighter Pilot) (Saga)
Chancellor Valorum (TPM) -
Naboo Royal Guard (TPM)
Yoda (TPM)
Qui Gonn (Jedi Master) (TPM)
Mace Windu (TPM)
Darth Maul (TPM)
Darth Sidious (TPM)
Padme Amidala (TPM)
Coruscant Guards – Blue 2x (POTJ)
Emperor (Order 66 – Series 2)

Vader & Kenobi (25th Ann. 2 Pack) (POTJ)
Han & Chewbacca (25th Ann. 2 Pack) (POTJ)
Luke & Leia (25th Ann. 2 Pack) (POTJ)
Imperial Probe Droid (From Battle Pack) - $2
Red & Blue Holograms (Just Ask)
McQuarrie Stormtrooper (TAC)

Entire Red Card Set MOC (Just Ask)

POTF 95 – Landspeeder
Two Pieces to Jedi Council

12” POTF2
Luke Hoth
Luke Yavin

Gentle Giant Bust
Darh Maul - $55 – shipping insurance included


SWS Concept Grievous Coin – HUGE PRIORITY

Darktrooper (Saga Legends) - pending
Tie Pilots (OTC ) – Multiples - pending
Stormtrooper (VOTC Style) – Mutiples
Sandtrooper (Sergeant) – white pad (Evolutions or TAC version) x2
Sandtrooper (Sergeant) – grey pad (Evolutions or TAC version) x2
Sandtrooper(Squad Leader w/Cannon) – orange pad (Evolutions or TAC version) x1
Sandtrooper Cannons from TAC Squad Leader x2 (Evolutions or TAC version)
181st Tie Fighter Pilot
2x AT-ST Driver (Target UBP)
SDCC 501st Stormtrooper – Vader’s Fist (2x)
POTF EU Imperial Sentinel 2x
POTF EU Luke in Imperial Disguise 2x

EE Crimson Knight Pack - Crucible

3 Straight Bar Pieces
Wuher & Droid Detector Unit (POTF)
Wuher (OTC Screen Scene)
Takeel (POTF – Cantina Aliens Cinema Scene)
Kabe & Muftak (POTF) – only really want Mufttak, but will take both
Zutton – Blue Snag (OTC Screen Scene) - pending

R4 - D6 (Build a Droid) – head/third leg, torso, left leg
K - 3PX (Droid from Darth Vader Droid Factory Set) - pending
Vader’s Medical Droid (Chopper Droid) - pending
2-1B (Surgical Droid) (TAC)
R3 – T6 (EE Droid Set 1)
R2 – Q2 (EE Droid Set 1)
RA 7 (Saga Legends) - pending
U-3PO (Build a Droid) – arms, torso, head – Silver version

Gentle Giant Bust Ups
Almost all OTC Characters

Gentel Giant Mini Bust
Tie Fighter Pilot

Novels - Hard Cover and NOT Book Club Version
Luke Skywalker & Shadows of Mindor

Vintage 12"
Han Solo
Princess Leia
Ben Kenobi

POTF Coins Mostly All (Let me know what you have)
ROTJ Bookmarks
Complete Micro Collection Sets
Death Star Droid
EV 9D9
Lando General
A-Wing Pilot

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