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1 Apr 2010
Hi all,

It's been a while since I last posted, so I thought I'd pop in and shw off some display stands I've been working on. I don't have the space to show off large dioramas like some of you have, so my goal was to create small scene specific mini-dioramas to accompany my Imperial troops.

Here they are:

"All troops report to docking bay 327"

"Imperial troops have entered the base...Imperial troops have AARGGHH!"

"Look sir, droids!"

"You rebel scum!"

These were inspired by the wonderfully evocative bases that come with Kotobukiya's 1/6 scale Star Wars vinyl statues. My stands are made from Games Workshop's terrain tiles from the board game "Mighty Empires". The game includes approximately 40 different terrain tiles.

You can buy extra plstic sprues of terrain tiles online:

The tiles are plastic, and very durable, so it was easy to grind off surface details I didn't need with a Dremel tool. The bases can interlock, but I chose not to use that feature as I felt they look better if the outer edges were smooth.

Here's a series of detail photos of each base, it's hard to capture how three-dimensional the sculpted mounds are on the Hoth and Tatooine stands:

The Death Star base was made by grinding off all surface details on the tile, then laying a sheet of styrene plastic inside the rim of the base. I then scribed the floor details in. The MSE mouse droid was converted from a spare R2-series foot from the Build-A-Droid pack in.

This Hoth base was created by gluing a spare rifle on the surface, then sculpting a snow mound to give it a partially buried look. The power cable was bent then glued on to represent the interior of Echo Base.

The Tatooine base is probably the simplest one to make. I spread a thin layer of putty, then lightly pressed R2-D2's and C3-PO's footprints in before it hardened.

I had alot of fun detailing the Endor base. The "log" is an actual tree branch, cleaned, dried and painted. The ferns are plastic from a home decorating store. If you look carefully, the areas under the log are "wet", there is moss on the log, and I sculpted a tiny turtle in the clear resin puddle.

And a top view so you have an uncluttered look at the modified bases:

As you can see, it doesn't take alot of effort or space to display your figures. In the future, I may make one for Boba Fett and the other principal characters from the original trilogy. I'll probably make a series of Hoth themed bases for all my Snowtroopers. I'll finish off with an encore group shot inside my cabinet at home:

Hope you guys like my idea!

1 Nov 2009
On our fellow member Jania100's website:


He mentions the Marvy Uchida Corner Rounder. I was able to find this at a local Michael's Art supply store for $7USD. It is labeled "Craft Punch Corners",
item CR-C Rounded 28617-30001.

It's a great little tool, as you can see below, the punched corner on the white sheet of paper is an excellent match to a vintage POTF card.

Hope this helps!

10 Oct 2009
Hi guys,

The Legacy Collection (BD-42) Hoth Rebel Trooper is a great figure, with good articulation, and a cool pack-in...the Rebel Repeating Blaster. Unfortunately Hasbro's factory screwed up the production order, and the alternate head (clean shaven) version hasn't made it to store yet.

I wanted to add some variety to my Hoth Rebel Troops, here are the results:

The squad leader retains the distinctive bearded head, but I cut off the goggles and moved it to the top of the soft helmet with sculpted straps. This figure didn't come with the soft goods "skirt", so a cut-off piece of t-shirt dyed in dilute tea is a substitute.

A POTF Luke's head was cut off and Dremelled into a ball joint for this figure. A Clone-Trooper rifle is a stand in until I can find the correct blaster.

Again a POTF Hoth Rebel head is exchanged on the newer body. As with the other figures, I turned the soft goods "skirt" around so the sewn-on seam faces front, and looks more like a front flap of the long winter coat.

I used a Jango Clone head with the removeable helmet. I glued the side flaps against the face and sculpted on a chin strap.

And two more pics:

All in all, a simple custom, but it adds alot of character and helps individualize the figures.

31 Aug 2009
Hi all,

Haven't posted anything in over a year because of school. Here's pics of my newest project:

Hasbro released the Hoth Speeder Bike Patrol BattlePack last year, based on EU art seen in the Star Wars Cross-Section books.

At first I was satisfied with the set, but after a while, I decided that I didn't like cobbled together Biker Scout with his huge shoulders. The sloppy silver weathering really make the Speeder Bike look like a toy, and worst of all, the "legs" of the vehicle were way too long. I was perplexed as why Hasbro chose to reuse the vintage Speeder Bike, especially since they retooled a newer version with finer details for AOTC. Anyway, here's the original Hasbro toy out of the box:

Here's my reworked and modified Hoth Speeder Bike and Biker Scout:

The Biker Scout figure needed quite a bit of work to better resemble the original art.

Hasbro goofed by using the standard Biker Scout torso; their armor is the same as that of a Snowtrooper. I used a Target Hoth BattlePack Snowtrooper as the starting point of my figure's conversion.

I carefully cut off a VTAC Biker Scout's helmet, and neck joint, as well as his backpack and leg holster. These were glued, pinned, and puttied onto the Snowtrooper body. The armor was repainted white as I found the bright brown "stains" a bit distracting, and the kama was removed as well.

The Speeder Bike was modified by shortening the legs, so that the pedals actually touch the Biker Scout's feet; the T-bar was removed, and new horizontal handgrips were added. The center of the bike was narrowed by grinding excess plastic with a Dremel tool so the Biker Scout can sit properly on his seat. The Speeder Bike was repainted in a brighter white color with less weathering, and a Snowtrooper's backpack heater was added with a hose attached to the Biker Scout.

I finished off the modified Speeder Bike with a removeable clear 12" action figure stand by drilling an appropriate sized hole underneath the body.

The Speeder Bike Patrol deploys with Snowtroopers on their way to Echo Base!

Hope you guys like my latest effort. In the future, I'll exchange the Speeder Bike handles for the more detailed ones found on Clone Bikes.


2 Dec 2008
Hi all,

Just curious.....what is in your opinion the best method to print out a cardback? I've been using color laser copies because they seem to be more durable and less succeptible to fingerprint marks than ones printed out with an inkjet. But the print quality from an inkjet seems far superior.

I'm essentially looking to get the best in resolution, color-fastness, and durability, and possible replicate the sheen (not gloss) of an actual cardback.

Would dye sublimation be a good alternative to laser copies?

Thanks for your input.

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