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1 Dec 2010
Hello all,
I made a vintage style box for a Naboo Fighter. I have been working on cardbacks forever now and I wanted to start making boxes for vehicles, ships, etc. as well as accessories and weapons and such. I used the original box from Episode 1 as a template for measurements and built it up from there in Photoshop. I generated UPCs online and made up my own 'codes' which was neat to do. I also did some little things such as the proof-of-purchase and a quality seal from a vintage Slave 1 box I have. Plus taking pics of the toy and figures and using screen grabs for backgrounds. I am about 98% complete with this but I wanted to post a pic. I also have a Sith Speeder in the works then onto the Droid Fighter, some creatures, and the Naboo Royal Starship for starters. Should be lots of fun. Here's a pic...I'm hoping I have the right code so it looks ok when posted. Thanx for looking.

24 Oct 2009
Hey hey...does anyone know where I can get a good scan/copy of the pic used on the TAC Anakin Skywalker's Spirit card? The one used on the front...it looks like artwork of Anakin surrounded by a bluish glow and stars and sparklies or whatever set against a space background. I was curious if anyone had found it before. When I search it it just brings up the card and figure, but I was hoping to find a good pic of just the artwork for a cardback I wanna make....thanks for any leads...

27 Apr 2009
I finally got some progress done on my 400+ cardback project. I started with The Phantom Menace(besides others I did while getting accustomed to Photoshop from all 6 episodes). I am labeling them all as works-in-progress until I print them since I am always getting new ideas and better pics to use, etc. I wanted to post a bunch and see what you think of them so comments, opinions, and critiques are highly welcomed!

First up is Anakin Skywalker. I may change the pic as I have a few others I would like to try but so far I like it.

Next is Darth Maul from the final duel. I may tweak the image of Maul to make it look more colorful but I'm not sure what to do with it yet but I do like it alot. I used the clone-stamp to fill in the upper gaps and blend it.

Next is another Darth Maul which resembles one I first saw on here in the vault and absolutely loved it so thank you to whomever came up with the idea first!!!

Next up is a Destroyer Droid. I like the image alot and I like making the figure areas proportioned to what the actual figure will use up when carded.

Next is Fode and Beed. I took a screen-cap and fit it in without any major modifications. Seems like alot of the digital characters look slightly fuzzy in screencaps no matter what I do but it seems to work so hopefully it prints very nicely.

Next is a Jar-Jar I made. I love the image and thought it would fit in very nicely. Very Kenner-esque and kid-friendly.

Next is Ody Mandrell. I thought the image was neat so I went with it. Simple but effective in my opinion.

Next is OOM-9. I always thought this would make a really nice cardback. I did some cloning to fill in the gaps and added some clouds to break up the blue sky near the name-plate.

Next is Padme' from the end battles. This is one of my favorites so far. Seemed like a very Kenner-esque image and I thought it would be perfect to use on a cardback. I did some cloning to fill in the top.

For TC-14 I just fit the image in without any cloning, etc. I really like this one also. The chrome makes a nice image and the purple really sets it off I think.

Next is Ric Olie. I thought this one turned out very Kenner-esque as well. Simple with vibrant color differences to set it off.

And finally is Watto. It took me awhile to find a nice image of his entire body to use. Finally I got this one and I think it is really neat. I like the arena background with him pointing after he loses his bets. One of my faves as well.

I have many many more to do for Episode 1 so I will post more as I do them. I have lots of ideas for pics to scan from books and magazines and such to use. If anyone has any comments and critiques I would love to hear them. Especially about color choices for figure and nameplate areas as well as better images to use, etc. Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed what I have posted so far. Theres many more to come so stay posted!

9 Dec 2008
Hey everyone,
I have recently gotten serious about making all the cards I want and this is one of my first. I am still learning Photoshop and experimenting with things but I wanted to post a pic and see what everyone thinks. Feel free to comment and critique-good and bad. I have a long way to go as far as getting images exactly how I want them, etc. I've been trying things such as using layers and using the clone-stamp tool and other things. The image of R2 is a screen capture. I am also still learning everything about dpi and resolution and image sizes and all that good stuff.

I have over 400+ cards I want to make. The vintage style is by far my fave and I love the idea of having vintage-style prequel cards to go with the original trilogy. Like I said, let me know what you think and feel free to critique and comment. Just wanted to know how good of a start I have gotten. This is my first post with a pic so I apologize if the size isn't very good or whatever. Thanks everyone!

15 Jun 2007
Hey everyone,
I just recently came across FFURG and I was blown away so I had to join. I was thinking how cool it would be to have a 'vintage' style Darth Maul card and figure and figured I'd do a search and see if I could find something on how to make my own and I came across this site which I love.

I've spent hours now pouring over all of the info on the site and in the forums, especially the carding/packaging section. I've had Photoshop 7 for awhile now and just bought a 700 page book a few days ago so I can learn even more about it and get rolling. I have found alot of very valuable info on here and I am very excited about this.

I got thinking as I saw all of this info and the amazing work that everyone is doing and now I have big plans. First I wanna make my own vintage line with cards that I make and existing figures from episodes 1,2, and 3. I just did over a thousand screen captures from the dvds and I have been testing things on Photoshop. I always thought a retro set of prequel figures would be awesome. I made a list of about 140 figures I wanna do. I also want to restore and re-card the vintage figures that I have collected over the years.

My next step is deciding what printer type to use(as I need to buy a new one anyways, so this works out perfectly). I am also on the hunt for punches and corner rounders. I have checked out the info on here and now the hunt is on-hehe.

So in between looking for supplies and finding loose complete figures to purchase, I am going to be studying my Photoshop book and getting to know it all much better so I can make some awesome stuff and have alot of fun.

I wanted to post this and say hey and thanks for the info and inspiration. Its gonna be a blast!!! I would love to post pics when I get rolling. I wanna know what everyone thinks...good or bad. Thanks again, and good luck to everyone.

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