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27 Mar 2011
i honestly forget what i had in mind when i made most of these guys, or what their stories were suppose to be, if they were star wars, G.I joe, or something of my own ermm.gif

diorama shelf i have hanging up in my room. the middle shelf has been changed to be for my blackest night DC direct figures i'm getting into collecting

WWII boba fett i copied from someone~

and thats pretty much it...not much i've been up to customizing wise...too busy with school and my other artwork
9 Jan 2011
well, this is something i've been wanting to try and do for a while now, but i'm basically stumped as to what to do about parts to make these guys.
some reference pictures of who i'm talking about:
exterminator Korse, the main baddie (played by comic book writer grant morrison)

and the rebel group known as the killjoys

and just to throw it out there, the trailer for album these characters are from
art is the weapon
anyway, i'm really at a loss as to what kind of parts to use, particularly for the jackets. i'm not looking for 100% darklord level accuracy, but as close as possible would be good. i've been really out of the loop as far as collecting and figures and stuff goes lately (i'm not allowing myself to buy any more figures because i need to save money for university)
(sorry for the huge pictures, i'll resize and reupload them later happy.gif; )
26 Oct 2010
set during the early days of the Order, Jedi master Ansem and his apprentices have begun research into what gives the jedi their force powers, and what divides the light from the dark. away on en expedition to one of the moons of Korriban, Ansem was betrayed by the group, led by his apprentice, xehanort. the group trapped Ansem on the dark moon. when Cek'myi, a former jedi who'd left the order to lead his people, heard of Ansem's dissapearance, the Chandra-fan set out secretly in search of his former teacher.

jedi master Ansem

Cek'myi, shadow cloak

this whole idea came about after i realized that Christopher Lee is the voice actor/model of Ansem the wise in kingdom hearts II, and everything just kind of took off from there tongue.gif
in case it's not obvious, Cek'myi is just an anagram of mickey, haha =P
i do plan on making him a chandra-fan, once i can actually get my hands on one. plan on doing some of the other main characters as well.
the reference pic i used for ansem was the best i could find, but in the game, he always wears a red cloak~
26 Oct 2010
just based on the assassin's outfits from the first game. not really anyone in particular, although i do plan to go back and make Altair and maybe Malak, as well as some other random assassin's if i ever find time~

and this is more a design of a soldier in my own world, although i may try and incorporate it into my G.I joe story~
26 Oct 2010
had most of these finished forever, figure'd i'd finally try and post em
just put ROC destro head on POC cobra commander. I imagined all the high-ranking cobra officers (destro, CC, baroness, etc) would wear armor similar to this


i had to!
also, if anyone know's what figure is used in the video for calvin, let me know smile.gif
head: ROC red fang ninja (or whatever it's called)
body: desert viper

princess (aka, jailbait) (yes i will come up with a better name later, this was the first thing that came to mind with the personality i've come up with)
the "daughter" of destro and baroness, she was grown in a vat by combining their DNA, and accelerating the aging process (she is genetically age 17). she's also been modified to be extremely flexible, and as a point of vanity, her feet were altered to a shape compatible with high-heeled boots.

face: ROC Scarlett
hair: ROC covergirl
body: agent helix
legs: baroness
the Delta weapon
Cobra's top biological weapon, Project Delta is a ruthless assassin with superhuman abilities. nanites within his body act as a protective barrier against physical damage (including bullets) and can work to repair damage incurred from lasers or radiation. he is able to cast various elements from his hands, by injecting different types nanites and plasma-like chemical combinations into himself.
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