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16 Nov 2011
I've been talking about it for months/years. Ever since reading her work in the Legacy of the Force, it made me go read the Republic Commando series. For years the Mandos, Mandalore etc were not to be touched, and here some one gave them a culture and an interest beyond being bounty hunter/guns for hire. Of course, that all gets undone by the Clone Wars show. But another subject for another time (and read Traviss' blog on the subject for some really censored.gif censored.gif censored.gif censored.gif off people). Of course, reading the end of the Legacy of the Force makes one wonder how many did go in Caedus' bioweapon release on Mandalore?

We'll start with a two for one special.

Ghez Hokan or Fi Skirata

In Hard Contact, Ghez Hokan was the bad guy the Sepratists had in charge of the occupation of a planet. Omega squad goes in and with the help of their Jedi allies takes him down. In true Mando fashion, Fi takes his armor and it is unheard of until Order 66. This is probably more a representation of Fi wearing it due to the dirty look, and given his traumatic injuries, the state the armor currently is in. The figure itself is just an "animated" Fett pained grey and red with a modified Maruader Inc High Energy Plasma Disrupter.

Sgt. Walon Vau

Good old Vau. You hate him, until he robs a bank, and finances a mass desertion. I really would have like to make Mird as well, but have no idea where to even begin. as to Vau, that's a Beach-head comic pack alternate head painted slightly, a delux AotC Jango body and some Jango helmet. The rifle is a Neo-Viper from GI Joe Rise of Cobra.
28 Oct 2011
So it seems sw.com has decided to get rid of things like the vault (where they listed all things sw very useful for book/comic things), the databank, and just about anything that could be called content on their site. Who else is
22 Feb 2011
Anyone see anything of potential to use as customs? Don't have to limit it to just Star Wars, but figures that can be used as fodder to customize

I sure did, Nom censored.gif censored.gif censored.gif censored.gif censored.gif Anor. Better build than the poo.gif they tried to pass off in the comic pack and could definitely be used to make a great deal many more Yuuzhan Vong of various castes.

Lando General could make some early New Republic officers. Bariss Offee good base for other females.
7 Feb 2011
Why should I tell you what Spectre got? Ask him instead. I will keep all deals secret unless you want me to reveal what you did in the back alley...

And I'm looking at you James you freak!
5 Aug 2010

Decided to finally start it. Whether it progresses much further will depend a lot on custom production. I need some customs made, but won't have them for the appropriate shots.
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