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14 Jul 2011
Hopefully I won't get in trouble for posting these here, but given the potential for misuse I'd rather they go to good homes.

It's been a few years but for those who don't remember me I was working a lot with vintage style figures about two years ago. My life circumstances changed and I haven't had time to customize in over two years. Rather than clutter up my place, I'm selling off some of my tools. I will sell the wax & wax pen to anyone. The vintage card tools I will only sell to those with a strong history in customizing or to someone who is vouched for by a such a member. All prices are in USD and I accept either Paypal or Money Order

Corner Rounder - Asking $80 + actual shipping

This was used to produce roughly 15 cardbacks -- so 60 cuts have been made with it. Other than the blue pads marks from those cuts, this is in like-new condition. Ships in its original box.

Corner Cutter by tykrazen, on Flickr

Corner Cutter Manual by tykrazen, on Flickr

Wax Pen, extra tips, and some of Bantha 5's "hasbro" wax - Asking $60 + Actual Shipping

Wax pieces in and on the little plastic case are all abandoned WiPs which could be melted down. Total wax there is equivalent of 2 of Batha 5's sets which he was selling for $15 each when I bought them.

Wax Pen by tykrazen, on Flickr

Tips and "Hasbro" Wax by tykrazen, on Flickr

1 Vintage Style Punch - Asking $17 shipping included within the US.

Used on roughly 15 cards

Punch Top View by tykrazen, on Flickr

Vintage Ounch Side View by tykrazen, on Flickr

Vintage Repro Bubbles - some mixed sizes mostly for medium figures asking $20 shipped within the US

Misc Vintage Style Bubbles by tykrazen, on Flickr

13 Jul 2009
This weekend I started building a Mos Eisley street playset (No pics yet - sorry). I've sourced most the parts I need and I'm in the assembly phase EXCEPT for something to use as a dome. It needs to be plastic, circular and have a radius of around 2". This weekend while scouring all sections of Wal-Mart, I found a Mega Blocks Dragon set whose packaging might work (it's shaped like a crystal ball) but I hate to spend $12 for packaging.... tongue.gif

Can anyone else make a suggestion of a plastic product I could use? (It needs to be compatiable with polystyrene plastics and a around a 2" radius)


EDIT: Figured it out - 1 quarter of a whiffle ball is perfect!

Watch this space for pics soon... wink.gif
7 May 2009
I wanted to give folks here the heads up - there's been an ongoing heated discussion over in the Rebelscum vintage section over "replica cardbacks" and FFURG is being discussed. One of the points which has been raised is the ease of accessibility to carding techniques here.


Given the flack MecannoMan received over there a few weeks ago, folks over here may want to check out the thread and the arguments made against recarding.

And I do think they've raised a legitimate question, should we limit access to the recarding information like has been done with the template vault?

30 Jan 2009
With the recent resurgence in vintage style customs would it make sense to add it's own subforum?

I'm not sure where I actually stand on the issue but I felt like it should be raised.

On the plus side it makes them more visible, but by the same token, they will probably get less views than they do in the current 3 3/4" section...

Any thoughts?
26 Jan 2009
This weekend I managed to finish the follow-up project to my 28-back custom project: My The Empire Strikes Back 54- back set of customs. Like my previous project the goal was to create something that fit in with the original Kenner line. A "What-if" an additional set of figures was produced between the Empire and Jedi figures.

The first figure I decided to include was a Dagobah Luke Skywalker. As a child, the Bespin Luke was passable for Dagobah, but I always wanted a t-shirt wearing Luke to go with my Yoda. And now he exists tongue.gif.

The second figure was another fairly obvious choice: an Imperial Technician. Imperial Bad Guy... check... Useful with an existing playset - the Star Destroyer... check. Featured in both ANH and TESB... check.

For my third figure - it had to be Lando. I don't know why but I have a thing for the character... he's got a suave swashbuckler attitude. Plus it's Billy Dee. This was another figure I wanted as a kid - his Bespin outfit was too flashy for searching for Han and this would have been far more fun playing out those missions in the years between movies.

For the fourth figure I wanted another main character to anchor the line and Leia got tapped. The escape from Bespin was the climax of the film so it was a logical choice for a line extension.

Admittedly the fifth figure was one I DID want as a child, but NOT until I had awareness of him with Return of the Jedi. Wedge Antillies is a bit of a stretch but after two film appearances, it made sense to add him into the lineup.

My final choice was The Spirit of Obi Wan Kenobi. Of all the figures, this is the one that LEAST fit with the concept as the thought of a spirit Obi Wan figure never materialized in my head until AFTER the release of the Anakin figure in 1984. But since it went with the Dagobah playset (meeting my criteria of allowing for Kenner cross sells) and the lack of other unmade TESB, Ben got the nod...

Like my previous set, the cardback was redesigned to include my new figures and featured playsets related to the figures I made.

More pictures can be seen on my website
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