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> Adventure Team: "Peril Of The Crystal Skulls!"
The Spectre
post Apr 8 2010, 10:04 AM
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Adventure Team Mission Debriefing

Casefile: "The Peril Of The Crystal Skulls!"

Joh Kolton Reporting

This was, by far, one of our strangest adventures. Our collegue and sometime companion Dr. Heniree "Indi" Johnz of the Independent Galactic University (hence his "Indi" moniker) contacted us about an ancient relic he had uncovered on Dathomir, an enormous crystal skull of non-human design. He related to us an old pre-Old Republic legend concerning seven crystal skulls (six non-human in design and the seventh "Master Skull" resembling an oversized human skull) that when gathered together would offer unlimited power.

Indi told us of an attempt on his life by Imperial Remnant agents shortly after contacting the University concerning his find. I volunteered the Adventure Team to safeguard him during his quest for the remaining skulls. I called in my regulars and some of the reserves because the hunt was on! Indi had found ancient manuscripts giving the rumored locations of the other skulls as well as the location of the altar they were all to be assembled on.

The skulls were scattered across the Galaxy, so I had to send my friends out singly or in pairs to race the Remnant for posession of the Skulls. I sent Miik to the Smugglers' Moon of Nar Shadda, Maxx went to the water world of Dak, Jaik was sent to the toxic dump that is Raxis Prime, Ace went to the gaseous Bespin, I sent Starkk and his droids with Indi to Coruscant to investigate the large crystal human skull found in one of Palpatine's old storehouses, and asked the enigmatic "Doctor" and his companion Rose to check out Yavin IV's Massassi temples for the final skull. Ben and I made our way to Korriban to locate and secure the altar.

At each location, my friends had to evade or do battle with the Remnant's best agents and assassins. Miik used his transforming arms to destroy the Remnant agent's shuttle to prevent pursuit. Maxx was nearly killed battling a squad of Quarren mercs hired to retrieve the skull from the ocean's floor as well as several hideously mutated ocean creatures under the skull's thrall, but prevailed in the end. Jaik used his mastery of ground combat to capture his opponents without too much trouble. Ace had to evade several old Separatist Vulture Droids that were "posessed" by the power of the skull he sought. Starkk and Indi ended up having to detonate the storehouse, destroying their opponents and barely escaping with their lives, Starkk's armor really came in handy. The Doctor and Rose claimed that the Remnant really weren't much of a "bother" as they simply popped back in time and took the skull from it's hiding place only a few minutes after the Massassi finished sealing it inside the hidden chamber in their main temple.

Ben and I encountered some heavy resistance, not only from the Remnant's agents, but from some decendants of the ancient Sith that objected to our tresspassing in one of their temples, but Ben's alien forms easily drove them off. After all of my friends arrived with their skulls, Ben used his "Greymatter" form's advanced intelligence to figure out how to assemble the skulls and altar and unlock their mysteries. The skulls were placed atop their respective altar spots, each in front of an ancient Sith symbol and they began to pulse and glow, brighter and brighter until they were blinding. The entire temple began to shake as their power spiralled far above any safe margin and the tremors increased until they reached groundquake intensity. The temple began to come down around us and we had to take shelter inside the Doctor's miraculous TARDIS and he whisked us away before the temple collapsed. The temple not only collapsed, but sank into a massive sinkhole that opened up beneath it, swallowing it deep into the interior of Korriban.

With the temple's disappearance, the threat of the skulls falling into the wrong hands ended there. Indi lamented the fact that he could not have brought them back to the University for the knowedge they contained, but I assured him that they were better off lost to prevent their power from destroyng the Galaxy. Ben concurred as Greymatter had deduced that their power was unstable and that even he could not conceive of a way to safely contain it, most likely why the ancient Sith had hidden them away in the first place.

So, to close this report, the crystal skulls are lost and the Galaxy is safe and sound.

-Joh Kolton, Adventure Team Leader

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